Saturday, May 05, 2007

This is my Confession-can you hear Usher singing that?

Well it feels longer than it actually has been. I have been kind of busy. As I think I have mentioned we are taking Levi to Kindermusik. Levi has finally started to open up and we have finally started to be able to talk to folks. It might be a better statement to say that we are really being talked back to. We both were excited to meet some non Christians because everyone we have met at in our neighborhood is at least a nominal Christian. And what would you know so is the couple we talked with this past week. But back to Levi, he was LOVING the class this week. I love the fact that my job allows me to be able to be at home by 5 and go to Kindermusik.
We are also making a lot of big decisions as a church and that is totally consuming my thoughts and prayers.
I have fallin in love with Mindy Smiths music. Her are her myspace and website. Check her out if you haven’t already. Thanks to the Sus for turning me on to her.
Youth group has been going well. God is really beginning to change our hearts to be more like his. Last year we would have 2 or 3 and 4 on a good week. This year we have 10-15. Its been a good year.
Writing well, I haven’t written anything in a few weeks, but I have a few pieces of scripture that are coming alive to me out of Isa. and Psalms.
Our new favorite thing to do is wrestle. Oh the We is me and Levi. We wrestle the pillows. I throw him across the bed into a pile of pillows. The I come off the top rope and give him the elbow. And my finishing move is the beard to the belly. Great times
Gro came in to town last weekend. We love when she comes to town and we miss her when she goes back to B-ham. Gro, we pray for you daily and see you as a blessing.
Our Friends at RMC are walking through a dark night. I ask that you would pray for them, that (as Clint said somewhere) “Jesus would show up”
Camille is all about Gilmore girls right now. I mean addicted. Its on a couple of times a day and she Tivo’s them all and she just can’t get enough.
The yard needs a lot of work. I am about to have to spend a chunk of $$ on round up, pine straw, medicine cabinet and a pressure washer. Do you know I hate yard work? I have never liked it.
I am glad the Sus has turned to the darkside. The Mac world is the best world. And yes I JUST SAID THAT.

I am getting much better at guitar hero. I will be rocking Hard pretty well by the end of June. I just don’t have time to play it enough and get better fast.
Tomorrow is our Cinco De Mayo party it should be fun. The Prusa’s are putting it on at the Bryants. Can’t wait for us all to get RIPPED! Ok the part about getting Ripped is a joke.

Here are some fun picts of my boy and my bride.

working on his grip

here we go

the fam

like the new hair? not really my new hair just windy

My 2 kids...ok so gro isn't really my daughter

my ladies

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