Saturday, May 12, 2007

ramble of the day

So today I decided I would a new rant. My list is of things that go together for me. And yes it starts drink heavy.

1) Pepsi at Taco Bell
2) Coke and most Mexican Restaurants.
3) Water with Chinese food.
4) Amaretto Sour and Jamaica
5) James Taylor and a pontoon boat.
6) Betty’s, NuWay and Chic-Fila and Sweet tea.
7) Blogs and wasting time. I get lost in Blogs.
8) Levi and smiles, cuteness and freaking awesomeness.
9) Camille amd heart, character and laughter.
10) Mindy Smith and sitting on the porch.
11) Apple, nothing has to go with Apple it stands alone.
12) SharpTop and sacred place.
13) Breedlove and perfection.
14) Shane E and SICK harmonies
15) Barry Bonds and steroids.
16) Sports Center and the morning
17) Laiche and any kind of Drum
18) Gro and passion for the world.
19) Rest and vacation
20) Fear and I guess everything in life.
21) Jetsons and childhood.
22) Camp and GREAT memories
23) HS and searching
24) College and crazy times (not in the way most college folks have crazy times drinking just crazy times with my roommates.)

That’s a few things for now.


Annie said...

Blogs are worse than a corn maze at night with no flashlight. VERY easy to get lost.

jimpharr. said...

yeah college and getting drunk... oh wait...

Aaron said...

annie- YUP

Jim-hear me saying this "JIM"

jimpharr. said...

haha! the joke was on you!