Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This face on Levi is kind of the same face I have right now.

So, right now I am sitting here listening to some music. I really don’t do this enough. Part of my job, in my mind, is to know what new music is out there and see what can be added to compliment what we are already doing.

I am listening to my itunes on shuffle, which is nice. “Restore to me” is on from the new Glory revealed CD. I actually didn’t buy the entire cd because honestly I didn’t care to have the songs from the casting crowns guy(doesn’t the casting crowns name sound like a wanna be Counting Crows?) or Brian Litrell. But the song with the Shane;’s & Crowder and every song with Candi is pretty good. When is Candi ever bad.

As I listen my mind is filled with questions. The main one is what are we missing? Our main issue here is $. And I guess everyone would say that but ours really is. My area of responsibility is affected by lack of resources. We have sub par equipment at best and I have no chance to buy new equipment. I have contacted every close friend I have in ministry and asked them for gear that they are not using. Not one has responded with anything. One friend probably has some screens for me(not 100%) and another church may help us out. But nothing as of May 7, 2007. It’s strange.
Ok B4 I go any father this is not a pity party , because I love the church I am at and the people I work with,I am going somewhere with this.

I am seeing that, as much as the new gear would help us, it is not the problem. We need something we can’t program or produce from a service. We need our hearts to change. We need to see the Jesus who says “come buy and eat, with out money and with out cost” and know that the fact that we can come and buy and eat as we are, should lead us to repentant and move us to a new place with Jesus.

So I post this today to ask for prayers. Prayers that God will lead us as our church enters it’s “NEXT” phase in its existence. We will be starting a fast starting May 20th, you can check out what we are doing here.

May Jesus change who we are and how we see the world.

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jimpharr. said...

yeah... it's so hard to bring something new to the table when what you've been doing seems fine. i'm leading at the church on the 20th and i'm trying to change it up a little with song choices and style, so we'll see if that happens...