Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Curl, I will call him B

B was the 1st guy I met when I showed up to college. He walked by me with his HUGE soccer bag hanging on his shoulder. I had just walked out of Suite 13 where I would spend the next 2 years. I returned to my room and heard a TV in one of the rooms in the suite. I said hello and the freaking soccer player walked out of the door. Lets say this, I was a baseball player, we didn’t like soccer players. This guy was SO nice though and I had no choice to like him. B quickly became one of my closest and most trusted friends. Honestly I think I was his shadow his entire sophomore year.
This friendship really was like none I had ever known It was the 1st time I thought I had a brother. B taught me so much about what it meant to be a Christ follower. He showed a self-righteous boy(that was me) what loving everyone really looked like. He also taught me how to pray. We would pray for hours sometimes and NO that is not normal for me but somehow it was the most honest real prayer time I have ever been a part of.
We went on three vacations together, we went to Disney, Maine to go skiing(we drove with his grandparents, which ROCKED by the way), and we did a road trip west to OK and north IN and back to GA. It all was so much fun.
When he left YHC for Berry I felt so alone. It was a very hard 1st quarter with out him.(I will write about K later who helped me through that)
So I follow B to Berry and we started hanging out with Tiff and Mir (yes I am using abbreviations for everyone and I am not sure why). We were the fantastic four. We would always do stuff fun for each other. One night B and I got ice cream and pizza for the ladies. One night we got a knock at the door and we found a 6x6 SHELL sign in the hallway. We went to IN together and road 4 wheelers…I will stop just trust we had so much fun as a foursome. B ended up marrying Mir and Tiff married our friend John John from YHC.
B is truly a man of integrity. He does his best to follow Christ and live a life that makes much of Jesus. I would easily say B is one of the Godliest guys I know. I will always be indebted to B for showing me what a Godly guy looks like.

Again I am writing these post to encourage you to remember those who impacted your life.

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