Monday, April 16, 2007

So this week has already stared very fast and keeps on going.

Last night I was in Buford leading worship for a church plant, Church at the Mill, that my friend Chris Orr leads at. It was fun to go down to Buford with Justin and Lisa and lead with them. It is always hard to walk in some where and walk out, but its nice to do as well.

Today I want to Perimeter to talk with their worship arts and tech director concerning our sound equipment. It was a good thing to talk with them about gear and really share where we are and our vision for worship.

Tomorrow is a busy day at work because basically I have to have all my music stuff together for Sunday done tomorrow.

Wednesday I am going to Apostles to talk with their tech guy about gear as well, then I will be going to see the Braves play the Cubs with Vestal, Matt and Robert. Then coming back late to A-town. This will make the 4th baseball game with Matt and Vestal in the past 8 months and by the way, the home team has won every time.

So it’s a lot of driving for me this week.

Oh and some of you probably didn’t know since I haven’t blogged in a while that Levi has been sick, then was allergic to his medicine, got hives and inflated like professor clump (like gro’s foot did after being stung by a bee), was on steroids(not the cream or the clear, ladies that just went way over your heads), and today is back to normal. Life is good again in Levi’s world.
And we get to see our friend Collins on Thursday. Its started out as a great week and I must say it think its just getting started.

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jimpharr. said...

sounds like a plan then.