Sunday, April 01, 2007

ramble of the day

Well I am pretty tired tonight which is strange because its only 11. So I will probably be in bed b4 12 tonight. I thought I might post about things I love(I am assuming you know I love my bride and my boy, I would hate to write a post and someone ask why they were not there):
1) Thinking about and talking about gear.
2) Getting lost in music, just a nice feeling.
3) Watching Camille be a mom, its really hot if I am being honest, I watched her play with Levi the other day and thought to my self about how lucky I am.
4) Learning that I really dependant I am on Jesus.
5) Laughing with Levi and Camille. Levi seriously is so funny.
6) Playing “that game” I honestly don’t know if anyone I play this game with even reads this blog but I love “that game”.
7) I am all about some Taco Bell Right now. Cheap and Good. Now don’t get me wrong I have always loved Taco Bell, actually since birth. I lived off of it in College.
8) This one is random but I have been all about some Publix Chocolate Ice Cream, strange but I have been all over it.
9) College Basketball has been incredible this year.
10) My ipod dying…oh wait I AM PISSED about that one.
11) So proud of all my friends that are over seas serving their savior this week.
12) Blogs, I am hooked.

Well this took me 42 min to write because I am watching worship from Church of the Apostles like I do most Sunday nights.
We had a great weekend with Amy Fritch and we also had a great Sunday today.
Ok I am out.


jimpharr. said...

things i love:




new friends



that's just a little bit, but i would like it if you would put some music that you're listening to on here... i might do the same.

Andy said...

six and seven are some of my favorites as well. "that game" is so sick. I find myself wanting to play it every week at youth. YOu can count on me playing it pretty much every time I lead from here on out.

Aaron said...

Jim: i love you: ) i will put up some music in a few weeks, i feel lame but i haven't been listening to anything new lately.
Andy: "that game" is legit.

Clint Wells said...

i'm a total gear nerd.

Aaron said...

Clint: once you get into the gear world its hard to get out, and it SUCKS when you don't have 4 to buy.

Ryan Kennedy said...

I love writing. I also love James 1:27, and meatloaf a-la-Carrie. I love buying people dinner and I love singing to myself. I love Jesus because none of these are good without Him.

Aaron said...

i love ryan.

jw said...

I love people buying me dinner. I love my group from Peru. I love traveling. I love cinnamon toast in the morning.