Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One year

So today marks one year of my boy being in this world. He has really been a great source of joy for Camille and me. I thought I might reflect on life as a father, from my point of view at least.

Like when you B4 you get married people have many “words to the wise” to prepare you for this next step in life. In marriage people tell you to prepare to be come a “yes husband” and “get ready to loose your life.” That’s all crap.

Now having kids people said “life will never be your own at least for a while”-true, “your time with your wife will lesson A LOT”-true, “it’s the best thing you will ever do”-almost true.

See, I love being a Dad. I have dreamed of this day. Seriously. I have always wanted to be able to be a Dad to a boy. And now is my chance. My life could be described as a guy that was never great at anything. I was a decent baseball player, I am a pretty good guitarist, I am an OK husband, I am competitive when it comes to video games(unless I am playing my cousin Matthew, he always kills me, it started with tecmo bowl) so as you see I am the Jack of all trades but the master of none. I am not really an under achiever but I have never been considered an over achiever either. Now I want to be an over achiever, not because I want to find my identity in Leevs or I need him to be a “good Christian kid” to feel like I did my job. But I want to over achieve be cause I want him to know his daddy, I want his daddy to know him as well. I also want to over achieve because I want to provide him with every opportunity I can to use all the gifts God has given him.

I love playing with my boy. We wrestle, laugh, and really just enjoy each other. His smile makes any day better and his cry makes any heart break.

I really am getting sleepy and don’t want to write any more but I do want to say my hopes for my boy. In no order: I hope:
1) that we will provide a place for him to pursue and develop his passions and gifts
2) that we will show him that he will always be loved and nothing can change that
3) he knows its ok to be wrong, and that a man will admit that and ask for forgiveness
4) he will trust and treasure Jesus
5) he gives his life away to his friends and the world

I thought this post would be different than it ended up being but it is what it is.

Happy birthday buddy, your daddy loves you and is so excited to see where God places you in this world. Why did I just write that he will never read this. I mean I am sure by the time he is old enough to read blogs may not even be around.
Till next time

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Springer & Laura Susan said...


What a precious little guy you have, and you and Camille are amazing parents!