Monday, March 05, 2007

Whisky with Satan

So, Sunday(yesterday) some friends and me went to B-ham for a couple of different reasons. Matt was preaching and Justin and I were playing on hanging out with Satan, AKA BTM. Ok, so I am going to be honest I really think he is Satan. I am only calling him that because I think so many folks think he is and I really find that funny. Matt enjoyed seeing old friends and I am sure he dropped the boot on everyone. Justin and I went to Red Mountain and then had dinner with Gro at Jim N Nicks, them we went and hung out with BTM.

I am talking about this guy named BTM (pronounced: BeeTeeMmmm, he is Indian, ok that’s a lie its his initials) and many of you reading my blog don’t know him but he is behind Red Mountain Music, which I am a huge fan of. We hooked up to talk about gear and we ended up talking about gear, life and whisky. So, the gear made me a bit jealous. I really can’t wait to get to do some recording. The life, well I guess we would all say life is hard and we would all have different reasons why. The whisky, well I have nothing to compare it to but it was good. BTM if you ever read this thanks for your time, I hope we can get together and record and/or write together some time.

This week I am on vacation and I will be hanging out around here then going to Marietta to hang out with some friends and then chill with the my bride and my boy. I am looking forward to a good week. I doubt I will be blogging much.


Brian T. Murphy said...

hey man - good to see you this weekend. thanks for making the drive.

Aaron said...

BTM: it's not that bad of a drive, and i hope we can make it that way again soon. maybe this summer if you are not in Cali, Germany, New York, or who knows where else.