Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We all fall down

So this is my thought for the day, We ALL fall down. And guess what…it always hurts. I have had a few conversations today about how much life sucks. The strange thing is the pain in our lives comes from so many different directions. Sometimes other people cause us pain and sometimes we bring the pain on ourselves. And how do we offer hope in these situations? Life just hurts.
Today I feel like I new things to say but my heart hurts for my friends and in that moment my answers were not needed. My ears were needed to hear, and their pain needed to be felt.
That’s all I know, life hurts us and that is why we need community.
We all fall down and need help getting back up

I will say smiles like these sure do make life easier to endure.

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jimpharr. said...

i just saw reign over me, and it's one of the best films i have ever seen. it kinda makes you feel like crap, but it makes you think. i recommend it!