Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So now I am back from vacation and back into the normal routine of my weekly schedule. I thought I might share abit about my week on vacation.

It started out just right, with sleep. We hung out here for the first part of the week. And the weekend was spent in Marietta. While here we went to the park and ate some good food around here.

The weekend was filled very good food. And started like every good food weekend with MPC. Then we had a meal with about 12 close friends from M-Town at the Kennedy’s. It was so much fun to see them again and get to actually talk with that many folks. I miss you guys. We had some awesome BBQ and the greatest cake form Gabriel’s. I did play some songs for the little ones that were there. The entire night was a blast. We stayed the Kennedy’s until Monday since they were out of town in Costa Rica until today(Tuesday). We love their house, it always feels like home when we go there and Carrie is such a great host.

This visit was even better than the last because the just got a new projection screen TV. It is 100 inches. WOW was it incredible. Wade, Maran and Sara Catherine came to visit and that was fun. I will post a picture.

Finally, Sunday we went to Apostles on Sunday and saw Meredith and Mark. Crisla was sick so we didn’t get to go eat afterwards. That stunk! But I am glad I got to see and hear them lead.
I also got to hang out with the Ryan Kennedy and Chris as well. Its always good to see those guys.

Then Monday we picked up Rosie and we came home and got ready to get back to work.

Regrets from vacation: forgetting to call Jim and Ann, drinking to much Coke, not seeing the Chamberlain’s (sorry yall were sick), not sleeping in(that’s Levi’s fault) and that’s all I got.


Annie said...

Thanks for the Mac encouragement. I may be sending an email y'all's way if I can't figure this thing out. :) Tell Camille hi for me.

Aaron said...

email, call whatever, i will be happy to help with any mac issues. you will fall in love with your mac. it is kind of obsessive for me, i may need to get help.

Martin said...

aaron! this past weekend I was on a youth retreat with Redeemer Pres. of Augusta and met your friends Springer and Laura Susan.

Then I came back early Sunday to go to Church of the Apostles and see our bluster ladies representin'.

It's a small world. Hope you, the church, and the guitar are doing well.

Aaron said...

Martin: i was at apostles Sunday as well. That would have been cool to of seen you. David Baily(played bass at Christ Church) was at apostles as well. it is a small world.