Sunday, March 18, 2007

To all of you new bloggers:

I by no means claim to be the blog king or that my blog is any good. To most who read my blog, you probably think it’s bollix. Well, I want to shed some light to some of the blogs I read concerning comments. When people put a comment on your blog, comment back. It is a conversation and you started it by posting and the commenter continues it by commenting. So I ask you to keep the conversation going.
This came from a conversation Camille and I had the other week and tonight I post about it.


Rick said...

Bollix, good word!

Annie said...

Good point. I repent for not continuing the comment conversations very well. Would those be "commentsations"? Not sure.

Aaron said...

rick: who are you?

annie: i plan on sharing my thoughts about peace tomorrow sorry for the delay.