Saturday, March 17, 2007

the post to move the last post down.

Ok, at the request of a few folks I am posting again to move my nasty big toe down from the top of my blog, so hear ya go.

Ramble of the day:

1) It is strange St. Patrick’s Day being on a Saturday.
2) My Taylor sounds great after being in the shop. It really sounds brand new.
3) The yard work begins today and I am not excited about it. When is Levi going to be old enough to help?
4) Does anyone like Barry Bonds?
5) The Tourney really is the best 3 weeks in sports.
6) Good cooking last night Prusa’s
7) For some reason the commercial for Bailey’s Irish Creame has made me want to add it to hot chocolate and I have no reason why since I haven’t ever had any.
8) Working on some new songs for the Easter Cantata. JK. We will never do a Cantata.
9) I think Grey’s is doing to much, it feels like they are trying to hard.
10) A very strange thing is happening to me as I am getting older. My love for college basketball is totally gone during the regular season, I really have no care about pro baseball, and I am excited about Pro football draft. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
11) Going on a date to night with a hot chick I met about 5 years ago and it should be fun.
12) My boy has done his 1st sign. He did the sign for “more”. It is AWESOME.
13) My boy has been in the best mood the past few days, which makes life incredible for us.

14) I am so blessed that Camille can stay at home and take care of Levi and me. She does a great job of it as well.
15) I think I want a Wii. I also want guitar Hero for the 360. What to do, what to do???????
16) OH and I want TONS of gear.


AmyFritch said...

Aaron! We LOVE Guitar Hero! KTB is here this weekend and we've played all night. Levi signing - what a genius. Hope to see y'all at the wedding in 2 weeks. Don't diss Grey's - it's not cool.

Anna said...

THANK YOU!!! for this new post...and the shout out!!
Hope your date was amazing.

jimpharr. said...

guitar hero first! i love your suggestions for my song!!

Aaron said...

Amy: I see your comment about Grey's and think to myself "she doesn't even know who she is talking to" I say that because I get all kinds of CRAP from guys at church because of how loyal Camille and I are to the show. Grey's in the 1st show in my life that I have watched since the 1st episode aired. So I am not disssing Grey's i am just saying i think they are doing too much to fast.

Anna: your welcome. We had a great time on our date.

Jim: glad I could help with your song.