Friday, March 30, 2007

How to ruin a blog

So maybe this picture ruins my blog but I knew Anna and Molly really wanted to know the latest on my toe. So here it is. Oh, for those of you who didn’t know I broke my toenail playing soccer a couple of weeks ago. And so this is for you to really know what going on in my life. My fear now is that the part that are coming off is going to get caught on something and rip off. I am sorry I had to say that to make some of you cringe in side.
Much love


jimpharr. said...

if you don't want it to get caught put a bandaid on it... or just tape, something with a high protecion rate. come on now, sometimes we do have to use our brains.

AmyFritch said...

Put on a bandaid and QUIT put pictures of your nasty toe on your blog.

Had so much fun visiting with y'all this weekend!! love!

Anna said...

I have managed to open your blog several times now and blur my vision...I have read your post and not looked at the nail...I'm proud...the blurred vision toe is gross though.