Friday, March 30, 2007

How to ruin a blog

So maybe this picture ruins my blog but I knew Anna and Molly really wanted to know the latest on my toe. So here it is. Oh, for those of you who didn’t know I broke my toenail playing soccer a couple of weeks ago. And so this is for you to really know what going on in my life. My fear now is that the part that are coming off is going to get caught on something and rip off. I am sorry I had to say that to make some of you cringe in side.
Much love

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We all fall down

So this is my thought for the day, We ALL fall down. And guess what…it always hurts. I have had a few conversations today about how much life sucks. The strange thing is the pain in our lives comes from so many different directions. Sometimes other people cause us pain and sometimes we bring the pain on ourselves. And how do we offer hope in these situations? Life just hurts.
Today I feel like I new things to say but my heart hurts for my friends and in that moment my answers were not needed. My ears were needed to hear, and their pain needed to be felt.
That’s all I know, life hurts us and that is why we need community.
We all fall down and need help getting back up

I will say smiles like these sure do make life easier to endure.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Holy Crap

Holy Crap I can't believe this. I found this on a guys blog i read and this is what he said "This is clear evidence that some Christians should have no access to lost people (or fruit)."
And i agree.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Easter Song

Ok this song comes out of Luke and John, where Jesus has risen and the ladies come looking for him, then when everyone sees Jesus for the 1st time. Justin and I wrote this together. The "hear the bells" part comes from a hymn guessed it "Easter song"

Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that we can be born again
Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that Christ has risen from the dead
Why does one look for the living among the dead
He does not remain
But has risen, just as he said
Just as he said, Just as he said

Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that we can be born again
Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that Christ has risen from the dead
Remember the words he spoke in Galilee
The son of man must be betrayed
So we might be redeemed
Might be redeemed, Might be redeemed

Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that we can be born again
Hear the Bells Ringing, Singing that Christ has risen from the dead
Despite wondrous signs that were given On Calvary
Eyes did still stare unamazed
At glory revealed
Glory revealed, glory revealed

Creative Video

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today and music

I had a good day today, well actually it’s been a good week so far. I have started rewriting 2 hymns from a blue hymnal I have. I am excited about one of them, I think it might be singable for the church, we shall see. Tonight Camille and I took Levi to Kindermusik. I am going to be honest, it’s a bit hokey, BUT Levi really liked it and I think it will be great to connect with some families in the community. It will get less hokey and Levi loved being with all of the other kids. He is so funny how he sits there and takes everything in and then after a while he jumped in with all the kids.
The picture is of him is from last night in the tub. I love the way water is so detailed as it splashes off of his head.

I will be working tomorrow night with Justin to finish a song I have done/redone for Easter. That should be fun. If we record it i will try and put it up as well. Check out some of the stuff we have done, HERE. Justin and his wife Lisa are very talented and a lot of fun to lead with.

That’s all I got for now. I started writing this planning to write about something and I don’t remember what it was. Oh well.

Oh wait I remember…I think its cool that God has put a sermon and songs about him on the homepage for itunes music. Who would have the largest music distributor would have a sermon on the between Joss Stone and Jennifer Lopez. Regardless if you like the Passion stuff or not its cool that the Gospel can find its way onto that stage. I captured a picture from itunes earlier today.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My desire to be my desire.

Yes, I know that my statement “My desire to be my desire.” sounds very strange but I think it’s the problem in my life, and I don’t think I am alone. I feel like I have spent my life learning from and teaching people how to fulfill their desires in Jesus. But what I have neglected to say and hear is that my deepest satisfaction does not come from me but from Christ changing my heart to be more like him, which I think looks like giving my life away. I honestly don’t want to do that.

Honestly, I would like to do all I can to make money and be “happy”, follow “the secret” and be my own self-fulfilling god. But I can’t do that, my eyes have seen something better. My heart has tasted a sweeter food and I can’t just act like it never happened. I think it would be like going to Papa Johns for all of your life then eating MPC. Why would you ever eat Papa Johns again when you can have MPC? I know that analogy sucks but Papa Johns is always easier, faster and anywhere you go But its not the best. That’s is the core of my problem I want what is easy, fast and anywhere I want it to be when I want it to be.

Can you see the problem? ME.

I want, I want, I want.

I want me to be at the center of everything and at the same time I want God to change my heart to where he is at the center of all I am and do.

I was playing the song “center” today and here are the lyrics:
“You’re the center of the universe
Everything was made in You Jesus
Breath of every living thing
Everyone was made for You
You hold everything together
You hold everything together
Christ be the center of our lives
Be the place we fix our eyes
Be the center of our lives”

I really want this to be what I want to sing and mean: “Be the place we fix our eyes, Be the center of our lives”

I want to kill my desire to be my desire.
I say all of this after listening to a podcast that a girl, a Christian, did and she said something about Jesus and I couldn’t help it but think she was lying. She said that every night she lies down to sleep and has no fear or doubt. She said that she had abandoned all she was for all that God has. I think that’s a lie. Maybe not a 100% lie but I struggle to believe any of us sit around all(key word) the time and say man this Jesus thing ROCKS. I think the reason why it’s hard is because I have to lay down my life to gain it, and I am a piece of poop that doesn’t want to lay his life down. And if you are not selfish like I am rock on but me I suck as a person and Jesus makes be tolerable(selfishly i want to say Jesus makes me a joy to be around). I am thankful for the parts of me he has changed and I look forward to what is to come.
Hope this makes sense.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

To all of you new bloggers:

I by no means claim to be the blog king or that my blog is any good. To most who read my blog, you probably think it’s bollix. Well, I want to shed some light to some of the blogs I read concerning comments. When people put a comment on your blog, comment back. It is a conversation and you started it by posting and the commenter continues it by commenting. So I ask you to keep the conversation going.
This came from a conversation Camille and I had the other week and tonight I post about it.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the post to move the last post down.

Ok, at the request of a few folks I am posting again to move my nasty big toe down from the top of my blog, so hear ya go.

Ramble of the day:

1) It is strange St. Patrick’s Day being on a Saturday.
2) My Taylor sounds great after being in the shop. It really sounds brand new.
3) The yard work begins today and I am not excited about it. When is Levi going to be old enough to help?
4) Does anyone like Barry Bonds?
5) The Tourney really is the best 3 weeks in sports.
6) Good cooking last night Prusa’s
7) For some reason the commercial for Bailey’s Irish Creame has made me want to add it to hot chocolate and I have no reason why since I haven’t ever had any.
8) Working on some new songs for the Easter Cantata. JK. We will never do a Cantata.
9) I think Grey’s is doing to much, it feels like they are trying to hard.
10) A very strange thing is happening to me as I am getting older. My love for college basketball is totally gone during the regular season, I really have no care about pro baseball, and I am excited about Pro football draft. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
11) Going on a date to night with a hot chick I met about 5 years ago and it should be fun.
12) My boy has done his 1st sign. He did the sign for “more”. It is AWESOME.
13) My boy has been in the best mood the past few days, which makes life incredible for us.

14) I am so blessed that Camille can stay at home and take care of Levi and me. She does a great job of it as well.
15) I think I want a Wii. I also want guitar Hero for the 360. What to do, what to do???????
16) OH and I want TONS of gear.

Friday, March 16, 2007


So Wed. night I broke the nail on my big toe on my right foot in half. And yes it hurt and still kinda hurts. I am now waiting on my nail to fall off. check it out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So now I am back from vacation and back into the normal routine of my weekly schedule. I thought I might share abit about my week on vacation.

It started out just right, with sleep. We hung out here for the first part of the week. And the weekend was spent in Marietta. While here we went to the park and ate some good food around here.

The weekend was filled very good food. And started like every good food weekend with MPC. Then we had a meal with about 12 close friends from M-Town at the Kennedy’s. It was so much fun to see them again and get to actually talk with that many folks. I miss you guys. We had some awesome BBQ and the greatest cake form Gabriel’s. I did play some songs for the little ones that were there. The entire night was a blast. We stayed the Kennedy’s until Monday since they were out of town in Costa Rica until today(Tuesday). We love their house, it always feels like home when we go there and Carrie is such a great host.

This visit was even better than the last because the just got a new projection screen TV. It is 100 inches. WOW was it incredible. Wade, Maran and Sara Catherine came to visit and that was fun. I will post a picture.

Finally, Sunday we went to Apostles on Sunday and saw Meredith and Mark. Crisla was sick so we didn’t get to go eat afterwards. That stunk! But I am glad I got to see and hear them lead.
I also got to hang out with the Ryan Kennedy and Chris as well. Its always good to see those guys.

Then Monday we picked up Rosie and we came home and got ready to get back to work.

Regrets from vacation: forgetting to call Jim and Ann, drinking to much Coke, not seeing the Chamberlain’s (sorry yall were sick), not sleeping in(that’s Levi’s fault) and that’s all I got.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


This is part of an email i have gotten at 7pm on Thursday night, from Allison Carluccio out in San Diego.

Hey yall- this is happening right now- please pray for them- I don't think it's even hit the news yet- everyone's really shaken up out here

The Western Division office (Ty Saltzgiver) has received a phone call from Dawn Finch the Regional Director in Central Los Angeles. Dawn has told us that at this time the Hawthorne High School has been taken over by a gang that has shot at least one person. The entire school is in lock down and no one has been able to leave.

There are three teachers that are volunteer Young Life leaders with 60 kids who attend Young Life club each week.

Please be praying for this school, kids and staff.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

John Piper's Dad Died

Matt posted about this and now I do. I write now with tear stained eyes after reading Pipe's post about his fathers passing. Wow, I pray that at the end of our time together Levi can the same stuff about me as John Piper has said about his dad:

Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for sixty-one years of faithfulness to me. I am simply looking into his face now. Thank you. You were a good father. You never put me down. Discipline, yes. Spankings, yes. But you never scorned me. You never treated me with contempt. You never spoke of my future with hopelessness in your voice. You believed God’s hand was on me. You approved of my ministry. You prayed for me. Everyday. That may be the biggest change in these new days: Daddy is no longer praying for me.

For the rest of the post click here.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Whisky with Satan

So, Sunday(yesterday) some friends and me went to B-ham for a couple of different reasons. Matt was preaching and Justin and I were playing on hanging out with Satan, AKA BTM. Ok, so I am going to be honest I really think he is Satan. I am only calling him that because I think so many folks think he is and I really find that funny. Matt enjoyed seeing old friends and I am sure he dropped the boot on everyone. Justin and I went to Red Mountain and then had dinner with Gro at Jim N Nicks, them we went and hung out with BTM.

I am talking about this guy named BTM (pronounced: BeeTeeMmmm, he is Indian, ok that’s a lie its his initials) and many of you reading my blog don’t know him but he is behind Red Mountain Music, which I am a huge fan of. We hooked up to talk about gear and we ended up talking about gear, life and whisky. So, the gear made me a bit jealous. I really can’t wait to get to do some recording. The life, well I guess we would all say life is hard and we would all have different reasons why. The whisky, well I have nothing to compare it to but it was good. BTM if you ever read this thanks for your time, I hope we can get together and record and/or write together some time.

This week I am on vacation and I will be hanging out around here then going to Marietta to hang out with some friends and then chill with the my bride and my boy. I am looking forward to a good week. I doubt I will be blogging much.