Sunday, February 25, 2007


So I have had a great weekend. Friday, I played Mr. Mom again since Camille’s back is still not doing well. We went to the park, which there are some pictures below. Then Saturday my friend Al came into town. It was great to hang out with him and then we got to play together on Sunday. We started out with a good Sunday morning at Christ Community Church, ate at his favorite restaurant Zaxby’s and then went and led worship at a church in Buford.

This morning was solid morning. The songs really tied together and the sermon was good. My friend needed someone to sub for him at his church in Buford and so I took Justin and Al with me. It went really well. It is a small plant (30-40 folks). They met in another churches building that had a GREAT sound system. I am really only blogging tonight to talk about the sound system at this church and how awesome I thought my guitar sounded. Maybe some folks see this as lame of cocky but it was the first time my Breedlove sounded the way I always thought it could when plugged in. They also had the Aviom system, which I LOVED. I cannot wait for us to get the Aviom system and some new speakers and board. Justin and Al played great. I was good. I still prefer the way we do things for our service, BUT I have one question: why do we not have energy as a congregation on Sunday mornings?
1) to early?
2) Would a night service work better?
3) Afraid of what people will think
4) You are not expressive/emotional?
5) You hate Jesus(I thought I would throw this one out)
6) The guy leading the songs sucks?
7) You think the guys leading the songs needs to cut his hair?

So yeah why? Leave me a comment if you have any thought about this


Robert Prusa said...

One lame thing that I would say is that Presbyterians in general (in general I said) are used to a lack of excitement in worship. At least this is my experience having grown up in the Presbyterian church. The counter example of this seems to be the Baptist church. Why? No idea. Personally I wish we were more excited and outwardly passionate at CCC. I try to promote that onstage but normally forget cause I am so used to the way the church feels. I definatly move around more and seem more excited in practice and preservie rehearsal. Let's work on it eh?

Aaron said...

I have been saying for about the last month that it has to start with us. We have to be engaged and consumed long before we can expect the congregation to be. Let’s work on that.

Brian T. Murphy said...

I'm inclined to think that people lack energy in worship services for the same reason that they lack energy in their marriages, jobs, families, friendships, etc.

people are tired and worn out.

I tell people at red mountain all the time that I am surprised any of them ever show up for a church service, much less actually sing along on any songs.

corporate singing about a god we barely believe in is so freaking weird.

Aaron said...

BTM: I agree that it’s weird to sing to a God that in many ways we barely believe in but I think that’s what I love about music. Somehow singing with those folks last night made me feel like “ok so I am struggling to believe that Jesus satisfies me with good, like he says he does in Psalms 103, but hallelujah he as found me, the one my soul is craving.” I don’t feel alone when we sing, and since we are not singing songs talking about Jesus being my girlfriend, it encourages me. It is the mystery, and I love that mystery.

Brian T. Murphy said...

yeah I hear what you are saying, but still, group singing is weird.

Andy said...

I think it is because your hair. actually i love your hair and everything it stands for. I think the energy will really begin to come as the people really start to grab a hold of this vision of community and mission. You are doing a great job. keep it real