Wednesday, February 07, 2007

thoughts for today

So maybe this blog will tick a few folks off but here it goes.

I watched a documentary on Woodstock the other day and I have some serious issues with the festival and even more folks that attended the festival in 1969. Here is my list of issues:

1) I grew up thinking it was the greatest music festival of all time. And maybe if you cut out half of the performers it would have been. Because I was blown away by many of the folks that played and I almost laughed at others.
2) Is “The Who” for real? Does their music match their own response to it? This is not a shot at their music because they sounded great. I struggle to imagine playing the song Summertime Blues then braking my guitar.
3) The people RUINED a freaking farm. And yes these were hippies that were supposed to love the earth and hate polluters and the left all of their CRAP on a field for someone else to clean up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I could really go off on this one forever.

4) It is sad that the documentary was so poorly shot. The angles are horrible. Hendrix is playing and the show his back? WHAT? I also would have liked to seen more of him.

A few things I loved:
1) Joe Coker freaking rocked, I hadn’t seen him live when he was young, I was shocked how much I liked him.

2) I was so sad I missed Joplin. Some how I didn’t get her on tivo.
3) Crosby Stills and Nash- sounded AWESOME.

4) It would have been neat to sit on the side of the stage and watch many of the performers but I wouldn’t have wanted to walk off the stage.

All in all I enjoyed watching most of the Woodstock documentary but I was shocked by the actions of all the hippies. I always thought they were peaceful and loved the earth But I see even clearer that we are all the same: selfish people who see ourselves as #1.


Robert Prusa said...

I have the Jimi Live at Woodstock DVD. It is not the 2 disc definitive version but I think it has most of the songs they recorded. I also have his Isle of Wright DVD if you need to borrow more Hendrix.

Amy said...

Aaron, I've been reading your blog, & I'm wondering if you are the same guy who went to North Cobb Christian School back in the early '90's? I've been trying to look up some old friends, so if you are "that" Aaron Slaten I would love to catch up from a 100 years ago!
Amy (Wheat)

Aaron said...

i am that Aaron. How are you doing?