Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random thought of the night

So as many of you know I have a dog named Rosie. She gets treated like a human in many ways and I really am ok with that. Primarily because so many people tell you that when you have kids you will no longer care about your dog. Well all of you were wrong.
So, back to my story. I tell you I have a dog because Rosie has made me go out side twice since 11pm and its now 12 am. If you are in a warm place in the world today it is 30 and feels like 20 outside right now.

As I took Rosie out I saw how beautiful the sky is tonight. Then I was baffled at how freaking cold I was. So I got Rose to go the bathroom and went inside.

Inside there is a fire(thats a picture of my fire), inside there is a heater, blankets and the list goes on. I just felt lucky tonight. I love my wife and kid. I love my job and where we live. I don’t deserve all that I have and all that I get to do.

That’s it I just feel lucky tonight.

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