Monday, February 05, 2007

Ramble of the day

1) I picked the Colts by 14 and they won by 12, I was close.
2) I might be in love with Tony Dungy. Well not in love with him but I have some MAD respect for the man.
3) I am excited about this weekend with Les, Meredith, Daniel and Justin. We are gonna bring it.
4) Apple won the battle with the Beetles on the Apple trademark, I can’t imagine how much that cost.
5) Veggie tales is much easier to watch than I thought it would be.
6) I make great pancakes. Seriously I do.
7) I ate some buffalo dip last night and it was that good, nice rec. Matt
8) Camille is meeting all kinds of old friends through this blog world.
9) Laura Susan and Springer I want to give you guys a shout out.
10) BTM sorry you lost your wife to Spiderman.
11) I might be addicted to “need for speed”
12) I am still drinking a ton of water!
13) Throat still hurts
14) I have been ill all night, and by ill I mean I have been in a bad mood. No good reason and not fair for Camille, Levi or Rosie.
15) I get to eat MPC Thursday, It is a fast trip, we are visiting someone having their baby this Wednesday then eating our favorite pizza.
16) My Taylor is about to go into the shop to get fixed. Its is LONG over due and now its being taken care of.
17) Cameron’s B-day party was fun.
18) On day I will have $ for a studio. One day.
19) I still love the sound of my Breedlove.
20) I am excited about crossroads this weekend.

I guess I better stop now.To end on a good note: Regardless how bad of a mood I am in I am so glad that Camille loves me anyway. And Levi, well he still gives me this smile. I don't deserve my life.


Springer said...

Thanks for the shout out. We've been enjoying keeping up with y'all by reading this blog. And since you gave us the shout out I figured I needed to respond. We love all the pictures of Levi that you've posted. We can't wait to get to hang out with y'all.

I also have tons of respect for coach Dungy, what an amazing man. I'm glad the colts won, even though it is tought to cheer for a former UT QB(alot easier than a former UF QB though)

Aaron said...

springer: great to see you guys check the blog. i hope it works out for you guys to stay with us when you are in Athens.

Camille said...
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