Monday, February 12, 2007

Ramble of the day

1) Sad tonight. Our dinner was a bit less that good, which led to us not finishing it. So I ate after 7:30 for the 1st time in a month, I had some great cereal. I take that back. I did eat one time after youth group one night.
2) My boy loves my guitar. How could he not? Have you seen that thing?

3) He(levi) knows me. I mean really, my boy knows my name. my name is daddy by the way he calls me Daddy.
4) I might have started every song this Sunday flat. I say night have because I am not sure if I did or not. But I felt like I did. It was my most frustrating Sunday for me. Even tho it was super frustrating to me I am convinced that Jesus being worshiped and honored is not based on my performance. THANK GOD FOR THAT.
5) WHY? Why do we keep plastic bags from the grocery store? Growing up my mom kept them in a wooden box thing in the kitchen. We currently keep them in the bottom of the pantry. We use just a few a month for our bathroom trash cans, so why do we keep probably 100? Today Camille came back from the grocery store and laid down because she wasn’t feeling well. As I unloaded the groceries, I took those plastic bags and placed them in the bottom of the pantry. I just couldn’t make myself throw them away. Strange I know.
6) I love watching Levi drink water. It is the first thing he has done that really seems like a real person.
7) I don’t even care about college basketball this year.
8) The Taylor is in the shop. I hope its not gone for long and that it sounds a bit better when I get it back.
9) Meredith Bluster is legit.
10) Les you’re my boy, I love leading with you.
11) We are about to see God do some awesome things in our church.
12) Rascal Flatts SUCK. The totally jacked up “hotel California” last night
13) Grammy’s were so so
14) Jimbo nice job. I am proud of how far you have come.podcast
15) Al I can’t wait to see you next weekend and Kasey this weekend.
16) I got my MPC last week and it was as good as my memory says it was.
17) I hope to get out and play some golf soon with Chris.
18) Still ODed on Watter, why you ask: Water Keeps Things Lubricated, thats what the web tells me, click here.
19) I had a dream about being back in college. I loved college. Here is a picture of some of my great friends while on a trip to Indiana. And yes I know I look strange in this picture.(this is Brent, Miranda, Me, and Tiffany)

20) Happy Birthday Sarah Catherine!!! This is Levi and his cus.

21) I am going to end this blog by sharing a thought from this weekend. ”Most people must come to a place of intolerable dissatisfaction before they truly desire to change.” I think I am there. CrossRoads resources: PowerPoints and Podcast


jimpharr. said...

thanks man... God really blessed our worship this weekend... no music on your podcast? and finally... get a haircut you hippie.

Hayden and Julia Wreyford said...


Hey man, I found your blog through David Willhite's. I just saw a picture of the Curl's and Tiffany. Maranda and Tiffany used to be in a Dgroup with my wife and also there is the Perimeter link, as you know. Small world. Hope you are well.


Aaron said...

Hayden: Tiff and Miranda were great friends in college. Brent was one of my roomates and one of the greatest infulences in my life.
Thanks for making the video for "my savior, my God" i wwas close but i was missing a piece of it. Thanks for you help.