Friday, February 02, 2007

nothing to say...but maybe something

So I haven’t written in a few days, for a couple of reasons really. I am still sick, well our entire house is sick and I haven’t had much to say…at least I have felt so bad I didn’t want to post.

The question is do I have anything to say tonight? I am not sure really. Do I ever have anything worth reading? Probably not. So tonight I will just give you my thought on leading worship in a church.

This is the strangest thing I get to do, lead music for a worship gathering. Its not just get up and play your songs and walk off. Which I will say I think most folks that lead music in a church view it as just that its their “gig” or their “show”. For me it is so much more. I am not making my self more important than I am, I wanted to say that b4 what is to come. A few month ago I wrote about music being “magical” and that something happens when we sing or play music. I think something even greater happens on a Sunday morning when God’s children sing songs to and about His greatness, mercy, kindness, patience, and the list goes on.

What makes leading songs on Sunday for People to sing along to is that the magic that happens as you sing is weird. It is weird because some people are being consumed by the word they are singing, some people give you the eat crap and die look, some give people want to engage but they afraid to, some don’t know how to engage, and even more sing these words with as though they may be their last. So I stand on a stage with my guitar and see all of these different reactions to the music that I am playing. What a strange place to be. I know that some guys in my position get big egos and I really struggle to see why.

I think it is very intimidating to know people are watching you worship and care about your attitude toward the God you are singing about. I guess with me not being a performer it makes this job harder for me than for guys that love to perform.

I need to stop this post because people wont read long blogs. So I will stop now. Good night.


jimpharr. said...

so i wrote a long comment, but it didn't publish... oh well, good post and write whatever you feel, however long that turns out it'll be what you want it to be.

Frank McKinley said...

Worship to me is enriched by its different elements. You've got preaching, singing, prayer, and participating in the sacraments. I think that music is a powerful force when used in a worship gathering. Thanks for using your position for good. (I talk about what "good" is in my last post by the way.)

Hope you feel better by Sunday. I appreciate your leadership. May God continue to use you to build up the community at Christ Church.

AmyFritch said...

Random! It's Amy Fritchman - does your bride have a blog... Tell her to go to LBs to get to mine!
Miss y'all and love y'all!