Saturday, January 06, 2007

When the lights fade.

So I am SO sleepy right now and I am soon to go to bed. But I thought I would ramble for a bit, because that’s what I tend to do late at night.

1) Talladega Nights was very funny. Favorite line “THAT JUST HAPPENED”
2) My boy set up, Wed. by himself and then today we found him standing in his crib. He pulled up on his crib…CRAZY man.
3) Mark Miller will never read this, but thanks for being my friend/mentor.
4) I love where I work. I cannot think of another place I would want work. I would add things to our church (like money and sound equipment) but I love it that we are building our family here in Watkinsville and a part of Christ Community Church.
5) I love some cookie we have started to buy (thanks to Linz)
6) I also love Krispy Kreme Curlers and WOW I wish I didn’t
7) We had a great band practice this week, I hope we can continue to grow musically but even more grow closer to the Savior that we sing about.
8) I get to eat my favorite Pizza tomorrow.
9) It was great to see Grant yesterday!
10) We all suffer, and we all have issues. How do you then honestly say one suffering is worse than another? To me its kind of like saying one person is more righteous that another.
11) I am not into college basketball this year at all.

That’s it for now. the sun has gone and the moon has come and now all of our lights are off, time for bed. night


jimpharr. said...

when are you gonna get your boy walking?

Aaron said...

well, i am not sure that i have much say in that. I am working on it, i will let you kjnow when it happens.

jimpharr. said...

it's so exciting for me to see him grow up... i'm praying for you.