Tuesday, January 23, 2007

things i miss

1. Papa Strick. He loved me. He loved me for me, nothing I ever did or didn’t do changed his heart for me, he just loved me.
2. MPC, just no place like it, the environment and the pizza.
3. Bessy. She was my first car. When I would clean it she smelled like pipe smoke, from my dad when he drove it b4 I got it.
4. Playing baseball. There is something about walking onto a baseball field that I know I will never feel again and that’s sad.
5. Singing “the answer” with the band.
6. Chilling on the couch with blanket, watching TV with my roomies, Adam and Ryan.
7. Making videos.
8. Riding horses in Blairsville with Red.
9. Going skiing with Joe.
10. ST
11. SMCC, great memories from camp.
12. YHC, I loved going there. Suite 13 rocks my face off.
13. Driving. That’s a weird one, but with my 5-minute commute to work I don’t get to listen to music or sermons much.
14. Our 4th bedroom
15. Levi crying all the time…oh wait I don’t miss that at all.
16. Eating what I want when I want and paying no consequences that’s a few.

That’s a few.


Jason G. said...

I totally hear you on baseball. I don't know that I'll ever get that feeling again and it makes me really sad. I mean, what are people our age supposed to do for competitive stuff? Right now it just consists of trying to run faster than whoever is on the treadmill next to me at the gym. Of course, I pick the fatest person on a treadmill and run next to them to make it easier.

I am a bad, shallow person.

But seriously, what would give me that feeling again?

Frank McKinley said...

The way that Papa Strick loved you reminds of how God loves His kids. That's really the greatest comfort of my life!

Aaron said...

Jason: I don’t think we will ever get that feeling back. Ya know according to “wild at heart” that’s the problem with men, as we grow up the “adventure” fades and that’s one reason so many men cheat and push so many limits in life. I think we have to find adventure different places, one reason video games are so popular for men, porn, web, and I guess the list goes on. I think we need to find a way to make things work. And I am not sure what will ever really help us out. I mean the smell of a baseball field, nothing like it.

Frank: Papa Strick was such a great representation of grace to me!