Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The things I hate:

1. Traffic, I mean wow it just gets to me.
2. Onions, besides the texture and flavor, they make you STINK
3. Liars
4. People that say they will do something and you know there is no way in the world that they will follow through and you also know they never intended on doing anything they said they would.
5. Weeds. Who knew that they grow year round. I was cutting grass this weekend with a jacket and boggan on.
6. When I forget chords to songs
7. When I get sick from eating Mexican food, because I love it.
8. How critical of worship leaders, I can be, I need to get over my self.
9. Sticking my foot in my mouth, when I meet new people.
10. my boy looks like he hates the doggy door, but he really likes it, well he always trys to follow rosie out of it.

Those are a few things….i will say it for you: I have issues I know.

1 comment:

Clint Wells said...

anyone else cringe at #3 and #4?

oh me neither....i was just asking.