Saturday, January 27, 2007


Wow i hate being sick. this is what is happening on the inside of my throat.

I would appreciate anyones prayers that the fire in my throat will go away by the morning, well atleast feel better from 10am-11:30. My throat hurts and i have to sing in the morning.


hbl said...

Better arrange for a sub...

Aaron said...

I will make it, I am on some good drugs and I will make it. I am not talking much at all today.
BTW who are you HBL? do you know men?

Matt Adair said...

Aaron - I'm not sure if hbl knows men, but it doesn't sound like he knows you.

Hey, start popping 4 advil every few hours. If you think your stomach can't handle it, Prusa says that Tylenol with Cool Breeze works well.

Sorry you feel bad - I'm praying.