Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saddest thing ever

I got home around 9:10pm tonight and as soon as I walked in I hear Levi screaming over the monitor. Camille sad he has just started screaming when I opened the door. So as usual we let him cry for 10 min, we are not cruel, he often goes back to sleep within five minutes, not tonight. My bride gets him back to sleep, walks down the stairs and Levi lets it go again. 10 minutes pass and we send in the big guns, ME. Ok that’s a lie, we really sent in the guy who’s back isn’t killing him like Camille’s is. SO I go in and he is sitting up in his bed WHALING, I mean for real. He was doing that thing where he tries to catch his breath and can’t so his voice shakes, and big tears are gushing from his eyes. Oh and did I mention his lips are not quivering they are shaking. I pick up my sweet boy and say those magic words “it’s ok daddy is here, its ok buddy”. Yeah it doesn’t, well didn’t work. He continued to scream in my ear, in my face and looking all over the room. What was he looking for you ask. HIS MOM. About 2 minutes later, which felt like 10, she walked in the door and he calmed down.

Now what is the moral of this story???? Daddy can’t fix everything.
this is not the face i saw tonight


Jason G. said...

Dude...that ain't fun.

Aaron said...

yeah no joke. prepare your self.
ther are bad days and nights But there are AWESOME days and nights as well.