Monday, January 01, 2007


I heard this term tonight and it really describes many people all over the world. People make resolutions concerning things that they believe will improve their lives. Here is a list of common “new year resolutions”
1.Lose Weight
2.Pay Off Debt
3.Save Moneyv
4.Get a Better Job
5.Get Fit
6.Eat Right
7.Get a Better Education
8.Drink Less Alcohol
9.Quit Smoking Now
10.Reduce Stress Overall
11.Reduce Stress at Work
12.Take a Trip
13.Volunteer to Help Others

I am not making any resolutions this year. I just don’t feel the need. To treat today Jan. 1, 2007different than I did dec. 31 2006 would be weird.
I still have issues that were there yesterday. I still am a sinner saved by grace, that constantly fails everyone I know and come in contact with.
There isn’t hope in any possible resolution so that’s why I am not making one.
I have small goals for 2007 but none are resolutions that I can do, the goals I have are all dependent on God to pull them off. I may post something concerning those goals, but for now I am not sure. If you want to know what is on my mind these days, read the last blog I posted.

So to all of you Resolutionaries, good luck, I hope you can fulfill your resolutions.

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