Saturday, January 20, 2007

Red and Rach

So one of my best friends in the world is now the Offensive Coordinator for a small University in Missouri. I am so proud of this guy. He is a great friend, good husband, hard worker and he loves Jesus. He and his wife will be making the move to MO soon, well he is already there.

We just talked on the phone for about an hour and I walked away with this thought…How kind is God to give us friends in this world? Answer: to kind. I think we live with a since of entitlement, as if it is our right to be happy, have friends, have a job, make lots of money, and honestly the list could go on. I just find myself thankful tonight.

Red will never read this so I write this to my self kinda, but thanks being my friend. I look forward to the day when our families can live near each other again. I am so proud of you.

FYI the picture is of Red and his bride and with Levi, and Levi is my boy, if you are a random reader of my blog.

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