Monday, January 29, 2007


this turned out to be more and much longer than it should have been.

Things I am over

1) Being sick, well I am not feel better I am just sick of it
2) Weather getting hot then cold then hot again. Just be one or the other please
3) Hoping for some things to change
4) Buddy’s horrible gas mileage. FYI buddy is my Explorer Sport.
5) Not reading enough, I want to read more books.
6) $ I am so over thinking about it.
7) Folks haten on BTM, stop killing him on his blog.
8) Folks making choices outside of community.
9) I am so bummed I missed Adams Wedding thingy.

Things I am into right now

1) Boggle online, and I have no reason why because I SUCK at it.
2) The song Mighty to save and Lord, Dissolve My Frozen Heart
3) I got some new strings from Mark and I like them.
4) Hogan Knows Best. This is strange because this is the 1st season I have watched it during the season, I usually caught reruns.
5) My boots. Greatest shoes I have ever bought.
6) Levi calls me daddy often now. That’s cool.
7) Fires. I love having fires at night.
8) Water. I am drinking a TON of it right now.
9) Watching Veggie Tales with Levi. It is really the only chill time I get with him.
10) Praying with Camille and Levi at night.

Things I want but probably won’t get (primarily because most, not all, of these are unreasonable):
1) Another Breedlove or this Collings I played the other week.
2) Aviom System: our church REALLY needs one and if I had the $ I would buy it my self.
3) Chorus and delay pedals from BOSS
4) Wii
5) about a week to listen to new music
6) a truck, preferably a new Tundra
7) 10k for recording gear
8) 500k for a building.
9) I would love Westones ES3’s but they are $800, ouch

That’s all for tonight I meant to go to bed I have just been thinking a lot tonight.

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jimpharr. said...

i like these things... i like to see what you're into. it shows me some new stuff!!