Thursday, January 04, 2007

No sweet subject

we are singing this song Sunday. and WOW i LOVE the lyrics:

Now may the Lord reveal His face, And teach our stammering tongues
To make His sovereign, reigning grace the subject of our songs.

No sweet subject can invite a sinner's heart to sing,
Or more display the glorious right of our exalted King.

Grace reigns to pardon crimson sins, to melt the hardest hearts;
And from the work it once begins it never once departs.

The world and Satan strive in vain against the chosen few;
Secured by grace's conquering reign, they all shall conquer too.

Twas grace that called our souls at first; by grace thus far we've come;
And grace will help us through the worst, and lead us safely home.


jimpharr. said...

i like that last stanza... have you heard timlin's new version of amazing grace?

Aaron said...

yeah, i have heard tomlins new version. its really good. hope you loved passion!

jimpharr. said...

oh yeah... instead of going into it here... just read my blog...