Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So what does that mean? I spent some time today talking with some friends about the question “do we fell inspired”. What a loaded question, ya know? By the way we were talking about being inspired musically for those of you who thought I was talking about being inspired about life.

So am I inspired? I am not sure, to be honest. I feel like I go through spurts. I hate that. I feel like I am walking out a spurt of not feeling inspired to write and play and since the new years things have changed. I love playing guitar; words just are not coming to what I am playing. I will say this though; I love playing the songs we have been doing lately. This Sunday we are doing an arrangement of a song done by my friend Mark. I think that’s really neat.

So am I inspired? I don’t know. I want to be.

I always thought scripture would inspire my music, and it does at times. I just don’t find musical inspiration there right now at least. (I have in the past)

I want to write songs, MANY songs. I want to share them with people. I want to encourage the church with them, I really just want to write.

Next week I have some time I am setting aside to write. So maybe I am writing this to ask for inspiration, Jim I am not asking you send me nude pictures of yourself for inspiration. I honestly don’t know why I am asking and I really don’t know what I am saying, I am just writing what I am thinking as I am on my way to bed.


fyi the picture of the moon was taken in my back yard.


Clint Wells said...

I find myself inspired most when I rest from trying to force inspiration. Brian and I talk about this all the time. That when working on music actually feels like work, and it takes hours to flesh out a melody or a chord progression, chances are it won't be that good.

But those times when I song is floating in the air and you were lucky enough to catch it with a net...those are the best songs. That's our experience at least.

I've found that I cannot listen to Jeff Tweedy/Wilco witout wanting to pick my guitar and create something. Singing songs is therapy. I HAVE to sing songs for my sanity.

One of the reasons I'm drawn to hymn text is because I know they HAD to write those songs for their own sanity. Rarely do I read a text and then write music. Mostly I'm so driven by my intense need and desire to create that I bang out some chords and melody and need words to shape them.

Inspiration is very mysterious.

Aaron said...

Clint- Glad to see you on the blog. Inspiration is SO mysterious, your right. The songs that change lives seem to have all come from a magical moment. I have been finding myself lately feeling pulled to my guitar, its been magnetic. I am hoping to make a trip to B-Ham soon and hang out with you guys. Thanks for stopping by.

Matt Adair said...

Clint - since I know your girl gave you U2 By U2, how did it strike you that those guys seem to have to work so hard to create something that's not total crap.

Aaron - for me, writing my sermons is the equivalent of song writing. It's art - sometimes very wordy art, but I'm attempting to create something. One of the things I've noticed lately is that I cannot create when I have the text disconnected from real life. I think that's the beauty of the hymns - taking the depths of the Scriptures and applying it to the depths of our soul.

jimpharr. said...

i can tell you that it doesn't work for me if i set aside time, because i feel to pressed to write, so i just try to write anything i feel when i feel it. my class notes are riddled with random verses and stuff.

sweet picture

Aaron said...

jim: when i say have set time aside it means, that there are about 2 hours next week that i can use for that. no pressure just time that will be there if i want it. i hear what you are saying, for sure.
This post came out of lunch talking about inspiration and a light bulb clicked taht i wasn't inspired to write. kinda strange.
much love to ya Jimbo

Frank McKinley said...

Like Matt, I find inspiration in writing as well. I'm not too musically inclined but I do enjoy listening to it while I am writing.

I agree with Matt that writing is more interesting when it is connected with real life. I'm not sure I always hit the mark but it's always worth the effort for me.