Monday, January 29, 2007

here ya go

You scored as John Calvin. Much of what is now called Calvinism had more to do with his followers than Calvin himself, and so you may or may not be committed to TULIP, though God's sovereignty is all important.

John Calvin




J├╝rgen Moltmann


Paul Tillich


Karl Barth


Martin Luther


Jonathan Edwards


Charles Finney




Friedrich Schleiermacher


Which theologian are you?
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Very Proud

This is most of a mural that Gro and her friend did. I am putting it up just because I am so impressed and proud of her. This school in B-ham is so lucky that she did this.


this turned out to be more and much longer than it should have been.

Things I am over

1) Being sick, well I am not feel better I am just sick of it
2) Weather getting hot then cold then hot again. Just be one or the other please
3) Hoping for some things to change
4) Buddy’s horrible gas mileage. FYI buddy is my Explorer Sport.
5) Not reading enough, I want to read more books.
6) $ I am so over thinking about it.
7) Folks haten on BTM, stop killing him on his blog.
8) Folks making choices outside of community.
9) I am so bummed I missed Adams Wedding thingy.

Things I am into right now

1) Boggle online, and I have no reason why because I SUCK at it.
2) The song Mighty to save and Lord, Dissolve My Frozen Heart
3) I got some new strings from Mark and I like them.
4) Hogan Knows Best. This is strange because this is the 1st season I have watched it during the season, I usually caught reruns.
5) My boots. Greatest shoes I have ever bought.
6) Levi calls me daddy often now. That’s cool.
7) Fires. I love having fires at night.
8) Water. I am drinking a TON of it right now.
9) Watching Veggie Tales with Levi. It is really the only chill time I get with him.
10) Praying with Camille and Levi at night.

Things I want but probably won’t get (primarily because most, not all, of these are unreasonable):
1) Another Breedlove or this Collings I played the other week.
2) Aviom System: our church REALLY needs one and if I had the $ I would buy it my self.
3) Chorus and delay pedals from BOSS
4) Wii
5) about a week to listen to new music
6) a truck, preferably a new Tundra
7) 10k for recording gear
8) 500k for a building.
9) I would love Westones ES3’s but they are $800, ouch

That’s all for tonight I meant to go to bed I have just been thinking a lot tonight.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Tears

So last weekend Camille (my bride) ran across a website of a family who recently lost their 7 month old son, Noah, to an unknown disease. She spent about 4 hours last weekend reading through this families Journey and I spent only about 30 minutes. I had already heard most of the story but I hadn’t seen the pictures. I spent 30 min weeping looking at this family’s courage and God given strength. Then tonight the uploaded a video, with songs done by the one and only U2. Its powerful to say the least. I write this for one reason: I prayed tonight with my boy, my sweet smiling boy. The kid that sees me and lights up, then gently places his forehead on mine. If he is ever sick my prayer is that God will grant us the same courage he did this family and that we can know that our God is Mighty to Save! Check out this families blog; be prepared to shed many tears, not tears of pity but tears of shared sorrow because one of our own hurts.
Click HERE


Wow i hate being sick. this is what is happening on the inside of my throat.

I would appreciate anyones prayers that the fire in my throat will go away by the morning, well atleast feel better from 10am-11:30. My throat hurts and i have to sing in the morning.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The New Christ

Just for your info there is a new Christ. Click here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

things i miss

1. Papa Strick. He loved me. He loved me for me, nothing I ever did or didn’t do changed his heart for me, he just loved me.
2. MPC, just no place like it, the environment and the pizza.
3. Bessy. She was my first car. When I would clean it she smelled like pipe smoke, from my dad when he drove it b4 I got it.
4. Playing baseball. There is something about walking onto a baseball field that I know I will never feel again and that’s sad.
5. Singing “the answer” with the band.
6. Chilling on the couch with blanket, watching TV with my roomies, Adam and Ryan.
7. Making videos.
8. Riding horses in Blairsville with Red.
9. Going skiing with Joe.
10. ST
11. SMCC, great memories from camp.
12. YHC, I loved going there. Suite 13 rocks my face off.
13. Driving. That’s a weird one, but with my 5-minute commute to work I don’t get to listen to music or sermons much.
14. Our 4th bedroom
15. Levi crying all the time…oh wait I don’t miss that at all.
16. Eating what I want when I want and paying no consequences that’s a few.

That’s a few.

The things I hate:

1. Traffic, I mean wow it just gets to me.
2. Onions, besides the texture and flavor, they make you STINK
3. Liars
4. People that say they will do something and you know there is no way in the world that they will follow through and you also know they never intended on doing anything they said they would.
5. Weeds. Who knew that they grow year round. I was cutting grass this weekend with a jacket and boggan on.
6. When I forget chords to songs
7. When I get sick from eating Mexican food, because I love it.
8. How critical of worship leaders, I can be, I need to get over my self.
9. Sticking my foot in my mouth, when I meet new people.
10. my boy looks like he hates the doggy door, but he really likes it, well he always trys to follow rosie out of it.

Those are a few things….i will say it for you: I have issues I know.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I have always loved this song. I mean who doesn't like some James Taylor?


this post has video on it that is amazing. check it out HERE

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Red and Rach

So one of my best friends in the world is now the Offensive Coordinator for a small University in Missouri. I am so proud of this guy. He is a great friend, good husband, hard worker and he loves Jesus. He and his wife will be making the move to MO soon, well he is already there.

We just talked on the phone for about an hour and I walked away with this thought…How kind is God to give us friends in this world? Answer: to kind. I think we live with a since of entitlement, as if it is our right to be happy, have friends, have a job, make lots of money, and honestly the list could go on. I just find myself thankful tonight.

Red will never read this so I write this to my self kinda, but thanks being my friend. I look forward to the day when our families can live near each other again. I am so proud of you.

FYI the picture is of Red and his bride and with Levi, and Levi is my boy, if you are a random reader of my blog.

Friday, January 19, 2007

God doesn't just speak English?

The fire inside:

The fire inside:

I really think its something we often over look in people, the fire inside. Ya know it’s that extra something. I used to call it “the want to” and the my high school girl friend would correct me and say “no you mean desire”. I still think it’s the “want to” or tonight I will call it “the fire inside.” People who do great things have this fire inside of them to do something great and everyone who contacts this persons knows they have that fire.

I think I am someone who as the fire most of the time but falls prey to the culture and just want to live by my own strength.

Tonight at band practice we played the song “Blessed Assurance”. That songs holds many memories for me growing up at Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church. But tonight we played it and I must say I loved singing it tonight. See I get it that I suck as a person, I get the fact that I make people mad, I get the fact that I am not the poster child for Christ followers, but I also get the fact that I can change, and that Christ is changing me. And this song is so encouraging to me:

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

This is my story, this is my song,

 Praising my Savior, all the day long;

This is my story, this is my song,

Praising my Savior, all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight,

Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;

Angels descending bring from above

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love

Perfect submission, all is at rest

I in my Savior am happy and blest,

Watching and waiting, looking above,

Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

I just love the Chorus, because this is my story, Jesus paid my debt and thanks to him I am declared righteous. WOW that’s awesome. So the fire inside me comes from the knowledge of what Jesus has done for me.
It was a nice night.
Also while talking about fire, we love building fires at night. Levi love to look and marvel at them, Camille loves to be warmed by them and i love to create something they both love.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I hate the sport. I hate it that it that hockey highlights take up time on sports center. I just find it a lame sport to watch on TV. Just thought I would say that.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So what does that mean? I spent some time today talking with some friends about the question “do we fell inspired”. What a loaded question, ya know? By the way we were talking about being inspired musically for those of you who thought I was talking about being inspired about life.

So am I inspired? I am not sure, to be honest. I feel like I go through spurts. I hate that. I feel like I am walking out a spurt of not feeling inspired to write and play and since the new years things have changed. I love playing guitar; words just are not coming to what I am playing. I will say this though; I love playing the songs we have been doing lately. This Sunday we are doing an arrangement of a song done by my friend Mark. I think that’s really neat.

So am I inspired? I don’t know. I want to be.

I always thought scripture would inspire my music, and it does at times. I just don’t find musical inspiration there right now at least. (I have in the past)

I want to write songs, MANY songs. I want to share them with people. I want to encourage the church with them, I really just want to write.

Next week I have some time I am setting aside to write. So maybe I am writing this to ask for inspiration, Jim I am not asking you send me nude pictures of yourself for inspiration. I honestly don’t know why I am asking and I really don’t know what I am saying, I am just writing what I am thinking as I am on my way to bed.


fyi the picture of the moon was taken in my back yard.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I need it. I am going to bed b4 12 tonight. That’s very rare for you guys who don’t know me well and happen to read my blog. I want to ramble a bit b4 I go to bed tonight:

1) I mean that iphone is SICK
2) David Beckham still wont help soccer in the US, its just not gonna happen, I know it’s the most popular sport in the world, just not the US.
3) I am kinda sad that NE won today, but the reality is that Brady does not loose if the game is close.
4) If God is for us, who can be against us?
5) Levi makes me laugh, like gut laughs.
6) My hair is SO long, man I wish SUS lived here.
7) After going to Chicago in September I am cheering for the bears, even though I really want Manning to win one.
8) Red I am praying for you to get a job soon
9) GH is coming soon to 360

So yeah, life is good. My boy rocks my world, my bride is to kind to this pile of poop, my job is working toward influencing Oconee for the kingdom, and finally :
Jesus, my Shepherd, Brother, Friend,
My Prophet, Priest, and King,
My Lord, my life, my way, My end,
Accept the praise I bring.

Friday, January 12, 2007


below this is a video from You tube and Youtube is currently down, so you will see the video again when they come back on. i just didnt want to just say i lust and no one know what i was talking about.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saddest thing ever

I got home around 9:10pm tonight and as soon as I walked in I hear Levi screaming over the monitor. Camille sad he has just started screaming when I opened the door. So as usual we let him cry for 10 min, we are not cruel, he often goes back to sleep within five minutes, not tonight. My bride gets him back to sleep, walks down the stairs and Levi lets it go again. 10 minutes pass and we send in the big guns, ME. Ok that’s a lie, we really sent in the guy who’s back isn’t killing him like Camille’s is. SO I go in and he is sitting up in his bed WHALING, I mean for real. He was doing that thing where he tries to catch his breath and can’t so his voice shakes, and big tears are gushing from his eyes. Oh and did I mention his lips are not quivering they are shaking. I pick up my sweet boy and say those magic words “it’s ok daddy is here, its ok buddy”. Yeah it doesn’t, well didn’t work. He continued to scream in my ear, in my face and looking all over the room. What was he looking for you ask. HIS MOM. About 2 minutes later, which felt like 10, she walked in the door and he calmed down.

Now what is the moral of this story???? Daddy can’t fix everything.
this is not the face i saw tonight

Monday, January 08, 2007


I hope the Gators keep this up and make the SEC look as good as they are.
14-7 with 5:51 to go in the 1st quarter.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

When the lights fade.

So I am SO sleepy right now and I am soon to go to bed. But I thought I would ramble for a bit, because that’s what I tend to do late at night.

1) Talladega Nights was very funny. Favorite line “THAT JUST HAPPENED”
2) My boy set up, Wed. by himself and then today we found him standing in his crib. He pulled up on his crib…CRAZY man.
3) Mark Miller will never read this, but thanks for being my friend/mentor.
4) I love where I work. I cannot think of another place I would want work. I would add things to our church (like money and sound equipment) but I love it that we are building our family here in Watkinsville and a part of Christ Community Church.
5) I love some cookie we have started to buy (thanks to Linz)
6) I also love Krispy Kreme Curlers and WOW I wish I didn’t
7) We had a great band practice this week, I hope we can continue to grow musically but even more grow closer to the Savior that we sing about.
8) I get to eat my favorite Pizza tomorrow.
9) It was great to see Grant yesterday!
10) We all suffer, and we all have issues. How do you then honestly say one suffering is worse than another? To me its kind of like saying one person is more righteous that another.
11) I am not into college basketball this year at all.

That’s it for now. the sun has gone and the moon has come and now all of our lights are off, time for bed. night

Thursday, January 04, 2007

No sweet subject

we are singing this song Sunday. and WOW i LOVE the lyrics:

Now may the Lord reveal His face, And teach our stammering tongues
To make His sovereign, reigning grace the subject of our songs.

No sweet subject can invite a sinner's heart to sing,
Or more display the glorious right of our exalted King.

Grace reigns to pardon crimson sins, to melt the hardest hearts;
And from the work it once begins it never once departs.

The world and Satan strive in vain against the chosen few;
Secured by grace's conquering reign, they all shall conquer too.

Twas grace that called our souls at first; by grace thus far we've come;
And grace will help us through the worst, and lead us safely home.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


well i learned a new feature today while working on a graphic for the church. i used levi as my test trial. i think its a pretty cool picture. I have to take the picture for my graphic for the church tomorrow, and when i do i will post it.

fast random thoughts:
1) ND by 3. i know thats not a popular choice.
2)looking forward to seeing Mark and Merideth tomorrow
3) MTV sucks now, no music all reality.
4) i am ready for winter
5) the nights are beautiful in watkinsville!!!
6) i love my boy

Monday, January 01, 2007

Why you have to play the game

USC 32
Michigan 18

Every sportscaster said that Michigan should be playing Ohio State for the National Championship. So the point of this blog is, I got sick of hearing that Michigan should be in the Championship instead of Florida. And we all saw tonight that Michigan is not the second best team in the country.
I am not a USC fan nor do I hate Michigan, But I love for the majority of people to be wrong.
I really dislike Florida, but I hope beat Ohio State just so that the SEC will get some credit.


I heard this term tonight and it really describes many people all over the world. People make resolutions concerning things that they believe will improve their lives. Here is a list of common “new year resolutions”
1.Lose Weight
2.Pay Off Debt
3.Save Moneyv
4.Get a Better Job
5.Get Fit
6.Eat Right
7.Get a Better Education
8.Drink Less Alcohol
9.Quit Smoking Now
10.Reduce Stress Overall
11.Reduce Stress at Work
12.Take a Trip
13.Volunteer to Help Others

I am not making any resolutions this year. I just don’t feel the need. To treat today Jan. 1, 2007different than I did dec. 31 2006 would be weird.
I still have issues that were there yesterday. I still am a sinner saved by grace, that constantly fails everyone I know and come in contact with.
There isn’t hope in any possible resolution so that’s why I am not making one.
I have small goals for 2007 but none are resolutions that I can do, the goals I have are all dependent on God to pull them off. I may post something concerning those goals, but for now I am not sure. If you want to know what is on my mind these days, read the last blog I posted.

So to all of you Resolutionaries, good luck, I hope you can fulfill your resolutions.