Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

We hope you have a great Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I get this

I have been places, seem faces, hugged necks, cried with, helped out, and clothed people who have changed me. I saw this video and i remembered. There was a boy in an orphanage in Romania, Yorge, that the 1st day in the orphanage he stood in front of me holding a small toy and looked up at me. I didn't know at that point that I would have a son nor did I know that those eyes gazing at me would live with me for the rest of my life. L looks at me just like that sometimes. Seeing Yorge/Romania changed me, his need changed how I live and what I hope for and dream for.
Maybe this doesn't make sense but i saw this video and now i and crying about the fact that L is having a great Christmas and loves life and Yorge is somewhere in Romania, in a foster house, and probably still hasn't developed much more because of the lack of interaction that he has not received his entire life. take a second to watch this video of singer song writer Sarah Groves. Everyone i know that has met her LOVES her.
I hope something in your life moves you enough that you are changed.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas

this is me and my boy setting up our tree...well, he didn't do that much.
I love this kid!
this Christmas our whole family is getting Toms Shoes. anyone else?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Free Rice and more things for this season.

Ok so I am blogging about things that we all can do different for Christmas.

1) buy toms shoes. why? when you buy a pair of shoes they give a pair of shoes away.
2) for every vocabulary word you get right they give 20 grains of rice through the United Nations. The rice is donated through the United Nations World Food Program. So far since October they have donated 6 billion grains of rice.
3) Heifer Project. Check out this site. you can buy animals for families to help build them income and possibly change their world.
4) World Vision and Compassion International. Two organizations to sponsor kids in third world countries and provide food, education and some type sunday school.
5) Living Water. give $ to build water wells for people with out clean water.

i am asking us all to do some different things with our Christmas.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I loved college

Seriously. I loved College. Today we were at YHC for a bit to take some pictures with me and L. I walked around thinking “man I love this place”. There is something about it. The air is fresh, the sky is blue and the sound of cars does not pollute the air. So many folks go to college and go crazy. I wasn’t on of those. I have 1 glass of wine before I was in college before I was 21. I never did any drugs that folks did up there. I just had GREAT friends and we all loved each other and stayed way to busy playing sports and doing random crap. I would love to have the chance to relive my college years, specifically the two I spent at YHC. I would only wish to change about 3 things in my time there:
1) girl #1 2) time 3) girl #2

In my time there I learned how to be independent. I figured out how to make some wise and not so wise choices. YHC was a place where I found me. Some of you reading this probably think I am just your typical Christian guy that thinks he is better than people because he didn’t do the “big/outward” sins. I am not saying that.

See I did grow up the typical Christian kid. My mom kept me involved in church and sports. I loved Christian music. Not because I was sheltered from other music, I just liked it. I was that 11th grade guy that met with his girl friend to pray and read the bible before school. We listened to Ray Boltz on our 1st date. Every roommate I have ever had is a believer. I have never dated a non-Christian….even though one I would question (yes I am being judgmental, but if you knew the story, whoa). I always loved things dealing with Jesus. My 2 years showed me so many things about me, here are 3.

3 main things YHC showed me
1) I love being around people and I am pretty extroverted.
2) Jesus has gifted me in some specific areas.
3) Alter Ego-sorry I can’t elaborate on this one.

So today as L and I walked around (C was there as well) I thought about how much Christ has changed me since the days I walked on that campus. I still love Jesus, actually probably more. I get the fact that I do not deserve anything in this world and for some strange reason he has called me out of darkness into light. The hard thing is the walk into the light. I am still in so many ways the typical “Christian guy” (and I am ok with that) I am now the typical Christian guy that gets that I, like you, am a process.

I am not sure if this made sense but it is what is on my mind tonight.
Here are some picts of me and my boy from YHC.

walking to the fountain, Rosie Cotton got to go with us.

the fixed up the walkway through the middle of campus.

the Spat fountain. The Pineapple for the Late Papa Rich. what a great man!

Friday, November 09, 2007

very long

So it has been a while since I have posted an actual post about life. We went on vacation a few weeks ago. It was great I did mention that in an earlier post. Last week was a very busy week. Because I had to have everything completely done for Sunday on Thursday. So I busted my butt to get it all done. This past weekend I led worship for FPC’s d-now for their high school students. For those of you that don’t know, I used to be on staff at FPC.

The strange thing is that D-NOW was my last retreat that I did before moving to Watkinsville. So just being honest I was a bit nervous to see everyone again. Ya know how the memory can often be better than reality. So naturally I didn’t want folks to go “man he sucks now…what happened.”

Well, I thought it was a great weekend. It was great to be around my folks from Marietta and only a couple of times did I feel like I had been gone for a while. I really miss a bunch of them. The band I played was pretty sick. Jason Laiche is like an octopus on the drums, Lester is like my soul mate on guitar, Justmann is the sick bassist and Meredith is the best female vocalist I have every had the pleasure to sing with. I loved leading with them!!! I wish we could have recorded it. One of my fav songs was “jesus is our great salvation” by Red mountain music and we went to the chorus of “we love you jesus” Shane and Shane. I also loved singing Glorious.

Kevin, Dan and I got home about 1:45 am Sunday morning and then were at church at 8. We had a great Sunday. I love my church. Why you ask, let me share. I love the fact that my pastor cares more about the Gospel than he does about himself, money, members, people’s feelings and the list could go on. I love the fact that our leadership is all on the same page. Our college students are plugging in. I love our music and it just keeps getting better. I just feel at home in our church. Watkinsville/Athens continues to grow on us and is binging to feel more like home.

I guess I will share what I feel like God is teaching me lately. I look at the world we live in and ask: why can we all not see the we are not the most important things in the world? I was in downtown Atlanta with a group of friends and handed out bread in the ghetto. Now I thought I had been to the ghetto but I hadn’t. Some of you are reading this thinking I am just a suburban guy that doesn’t know how the rest of the world lives. Well, I have shared cokes with a family in their card board box home (who I was later a part of a group that built them a house), I have cleaned out a rat infested trailer for a family that were evicted and I have hugged and kissed on really filthy orphans and gypsy’s. I know there is poverty in the world and I am not living in a bubble. BUT I just forget. I forget that there are millions of people that don’t turn their lights on to save electricity because they can’t afford it. People that live on streets that drug dealers haunt every corner. I forget how lucky my family is. We have food, a computer to type this on, I mean the freaking list is endless.

I am someone that believes that Jesus is in complete control. That’s hard to believe and hold on to some days. But I find it scarier to think I am in control of anything here on earth. Because I think if you are honest, like am trying to be now, we would all say “If I were in control, life would be perfect. For me.” I am trying to give my life away to the people I am around. It’s hard. It’s hard to feel like we don’t stop some weeks. But we are trying to be open to what God is doing in our lives. So yeah, that’s a long post. If you read it thanks and I hope it made some sense. If you didn’t read it and just came for picts here are a few of them.

me and matt and our boys.

He's a golfer

and a musician.

If anyone reading this has an extra snare drum you would like to give to my boy i would GLADY take it. thanks.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

we're back

So this past week was great. I pretty much didn’t talk on my cell at all. Didn’t do emails(ok I did like 4). I really love the place we stayed. It is one of those places that makes us feel at home. We slept a lot, played around the condos, went to Fairhope, the outlets, and we went to the zoo. Really the bottom line is I love having down time with my lady and boy. Here are a couple of shots from our great time away.

zoo 2
bay 2

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sitting on the sofa and I can barely breath.

That is the story of vacation for me so far, Well kind of. For those who don’t know I am on vacation in Orange Beach. We are staying in some friends condo. I honestly think this condo has more sq. feet than our house. We love this place. It almost feels like home. L has slept GREAT which is different than last vacation and the Adairs can tell you that if anger can make someone loose their salvation I would have lost mine the 1st 3 days of last vacation: ) Its been nice to live away from my cell phone and not living on email. I am really sick. This is the 1st time I have been really sick since L was born. I am enjoying my time relaxing with the family. The main thing I am loving is that I am getting a lot of sleep. I need to get more at home as well. Next weekend me and a bunch of friends will be going on a retreat that I am really excited about. It will be a blast.
Ok off to nap. Nice week, even if I am sick.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Osteen Train

Well, I am not on the Joel Osteen train. I have seen him speak a few times. I must say he is really doing a great job selling the world on prosperity gospel. I am posting a video from Mars Hill in Washington. I really respect this guy Mark Driscoll, why you ask: because he is about Jesus.
here is a clip about Joel.

if you are a Joel Osteen lover i must say i am sorry that this will hit you in th gut but i hope you really can listen to what Joel says. At one point he says "you are not the sick well, you are the well not wanting to get sick." wow. I will just leave it there.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dark days keep coming

I feel like i am living in a dark cloud. Tonight I got some news that breaks my heart. Camille and I have some good friends had a very bad day. So with out writing this all down. i ask again, if you are the praying type, pray for our sweet friends. And if this is you reading this: we love you guys and we are willing to do what ever you need us to do.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So the last time I posted life really sucked. Well I am not saying its any better, I am feeling some hope. But people still suck.

I went to Marietta to plan for d-now in a few weeks. It was a good time of hanging out with old friends and got to eat some MPC. Then I spent time sitting, listening, crying, praying and sitting and listening. I mean I had conversations with 3 different families struggling with totally different things and honestly I was/am broken. My buddy showed me a video of John Piper talking about the Gospel. He says “through the deepest possible pain, he is good, he will take care of us; he will satisfy us; he will get us through this. He is our treasure. Whom have I in heaven but you? And on earth there is nothing that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart and my little girl fail but you are my strength and my portion forever. THAT makes God Glorious”

So I say that knowing 1st hand life is hard. I am not saying it is easy to say any of what Piper said above. I am saying that only Jesus can allow any of us to say any of this. So my prayer for all of my friends hurting is:find Jesus as your portion. I am not sure how that happens or what that looks like in your situations but I pray Jesus can make that happen.

I also had a trip to the big MO. That’s Missouri for those of you who don’t know. My buddy Robby is the offensive Coordinator at Southwest Baptist University. They lost again but Robby’s offense put up 702 total yards of Offense. For those of you who don’t know football that’s a lot of yards. here are some stats to compare his stats to the SEC. the top passing QB in the SEC has 1,536 yards passing and Robby’s QB has 1,909 yards. His leading receiver has 67 catches for 629 and the SEC’s leader has 24 catches for 534. So basically I am saying his offense is flipping awesome. I am proud of my boy. Maybe one of these days we will see him on ESPN coaching a big dog team and I will be going nuts in the crowd.

I came home to the cutest boy on the planet and the greatest bride in the world. Tonight we went to dinner at Chic-Fila and it was kids club night at the greatest Chic-Fila in the world. We didn’t know it was going on but it was good for L. He painted a pumpkin and loved it. I just love this boy of mine. He is so much freaking fun.

So here is my final thought of the day. Life is really hard. People really let you down. Somehow you have to find a way to move on and fight through the pain. And that takes time. We are all a work in process and some times it takes a long time to heal. Wherever this post finds you I say this to you: there is hope and I pray you can see/know its there. Hold on, your community is here , let them love you.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This World Sucks

So i really can't blog all the details right now but I will say this.
I have had 2 extremely hard conversations today with friends that remind me how much life can suck in this world.
People make this world hard to live in.
So what now. I have to hope. I can't sit here and feel this...confused all weekend.
I leave for MO this weekend, I can't wait to see Red and watch him coach.
I will blog more when i get back.
please pray for my friends, and if you are someone who prays, pray for Jesus to come soon.

Monday, October 01, 2007

song of the week

the strong, the tempted, & the weak

In union with the Lamb
from condemnation free
the saints from everlasting were
and shall for ever be

in covenant from of old
the sons of God they were
the feeblest lamb in Jesus’ fold
was blessed in Jesus there

its bonds shall never break
though earth’s old columns bow
the strong, the tempted, & the weak
are one in Jesus now

when storms or tempests rise
or sins your peace assail
your hope in Jesus never dies
‘tis cast within the veil

here let the weary rest
who love the Savior’s name
though with no sweet enjoyments blessed
this covenant stands the same

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long week.

This week has really seemed super long, but long in a good way. I feel like I haven’t stopped all week. I have had a lunch with someone everyday this week. I usually only have 1 maybe 2 per week for those of you who don't know or care. I love getting to have lunch with folks. It was great chatting about dating A, music with K, parents and girls with T and work with P. (I didn’t put names because there is no need to point fingers) I really just love getting to hang out with folks. So thanks guy for hanging out with me. hopefully you like to hang out with me as much as I do with you guys.

I have also loved getting to hang out with my boy. I work hard to make my schedule work so that I get to see him when he is up. This morning we went to the park. He enjoyed the slide. He honestly would prefer to just sit in the parking lot and play with gravel. This face just makes you smile.

And tomorrow is Friday morning chicken biscuits and then Camille and I celebrate our anniversary. Here is last Friday morning.

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

5 Years

my bride and i celebrated 5 years of marriage today, well i guess its yesterday now.
i couldn't be more in love. maybe thats cheesy to some but i got lucky. i really married my best friend.
here is a small list of my favorite things about my bride:
1) she makes me really laugh, like gut laugh.
2) she, for some reason, really believes in me
3) she is an incredibly selfless mom
4) she has this cute look when she thinks she said something funny. its this face that says "you know that was funny/cute" and that face is usually right.
5) she is very loyal
6) we dislike the same foods, maybe this is lame to some of you but when you are as picky as i can be, you can only dream of find someone that likes the same foods you do.
7) she loves college football.
8) she shows me the Gospel daily. i don't deserve her.

this is a picture my beautiful bride with our boy a few months ago.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I was reading and found this from Piper

"The frightening freedom of worship in the New Testament is a missionary mandate. We must not lock this gospel treasure in any cultural straitjacket. Rather let us find the place, the time, the dress, the forms, the music that kindles and carries a passion for the supremacy of God in all things. And may our communion with the living God be so real and the Spirit of God so powerfully present that the heart of what we do becomes the joy of all the peoples we are called to reach." -Piper

I love that he says "The heart of what we do" not that "we become the joy" or "our joy becomes the joy". It is the heart of what we do that becomes the joy of the people we reach. I just love that quote and because i have to much to do i can't write more. here is the link to the entire sermon:
Piper:Our High Priest is The Son of God Perfect Forever

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It’s been a long day.

So, this morning I got to the church at 8am. I know that’s not crazy early for some you guys, I am just saying that’s when my day started. Sound check started at 8:30 a.m and ended at 9:23 a.m. Prayer started at 9:30 and we started the prelude at 9:57 a.m. Churched ended at 11:45 a.m. which is late for us. I helped take down for 30 min and had to leave. Left church 12:15 p.m. I came home and fixed me a PB&J and left for Marietta 12:30 p.m. I arrived in Marietta at 2:10 and had a fast lunch with Jesse at MPC. And then I went to Keith’s installation/ordination at 3 p.m.

Keith part.
For those of yall that don't know, Keith has been a friend of mine sine 1997. We were college roommates and later became partners in ministry. I have written about many of my friends that have touched my life and I have kind of not done keith on purpose. Primarily because I knew how hard it would be to do.

Keith wasn’t just like the brother I never had, he was my brother. We did everything together. We would be on campus and one would see the other and we would yell “hey buddy” and the other one would yell back “hey buddo”. We were attached at the hip. We also found out that we both had a calling to full-time ministry, which united our friendship even more. We were brothers and at times we found ourselves fighting like brothers.

Tonight I want to say congrats to my friend. You have worked hard and I could not be more proud of you, my friend. We worked really hard at defending what we thought was right for the youth we worked with. We have been in many wars and I was very proud to fight them with you. I have missed the last year and half with you and I know it was stressful on you when I left. I am so glad you have finished seminary and have now jumped through your final hoops. Please know how proud I am of you and how honored I was to sit there today and watch you be knighted (that’s what it looked like when everyone prayed for you). I told Jesse “if his dad pulls out a sword it will be freaking awesome."
Anyway I am very proud.
End of Keith Part.

I left FPC at 4:20p.m. I had the absolutely worst hamstring cramp ever b4 I left. I almost fell on Anne gro when I hugged her because of the pain. I drove back home and arrived at home at 5:35 p.m. Saw my bride and my kind of sick boy. Got the dessert and left for community group at 5:55 pm. I left community group at 8:17 and now I am here writing. Its been a long day but a good one.

Final thought of the day:
I love my church, I love my old friends, I love my new friends and I am seeing more every day my deep deep need for Jesus.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My list

I will proof this tomorrow, because its later than i thought it was.

Well I felt inspired to write a list of things on my mind.
Ok it’s a rant/ramble whatever in the deuce you want to call it.

1) I really like the new shane and shane cd. I know I wrote about it earlier but I am really identifying with some of their lyrics.
2) I am going to be leading worship for FPC’s D-now in November. I will be taking some CC kids with me. It should be a blast. It will be great to be with some old friends. FPC folks get ready I am bringing the thunder with me. And thunder has names: Saunders, Laiche, Justmann, Slaten and BLUSTER. Get ready. Honestly I don’t even thing FPC folks even read this blog besides Jim.
3) The #1 thing I like about Athens/Watkinsville is my church. I know I am on staff their but if I were not I would attend there. I love it. I just hope whoever you are reading this that you love your church and actively serve it.
4) Camille and I got home from Community group the other night and considered shooting ourselves after watching CRAP!!! The VMA’s were on. I remember growing up loving the VMA’s. I remember Nirvana rocking the stage, Chili Peppers played with socks, I guess I could go on and on but I wont. Here is my point we are raising a generation of kid that doesn’t know what real music is. If you have a computer you can make beats and if you can talk you can make a CD. I just think its sad that there is very little good music on the radio or on TV. You have to look for good music.
5) I think we really could spend tons of $ on clothes for L, he grows so fast.
6) Part of me really wants an electric guitar. But I don’t tend to like cheap stuff and I can’t afford the guitars I would want.
7) For some reason I couldn’t sleep tonight.
8) I loved my morning with my boy. I really hope he will grow up and love Jesus and give his life away to other people.
9) We LOVED the office season 3. Favorite lines so far: Bears-Beats-Battle Star Galatica.

Here are some great Office highlights.

10) Loving College football!
11) I am not doing well in fantasy football. I really need to do better.
12) Ok I am out.
13) One last thing. I like turkey bacon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

DC has an Olsen

So here is my question: Why would david Crowder have an Olsen?

I have no clue. He plays Anderson guitars.
Olsen guitars for those of you who don't know are SICK.
Check them out here.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Deal of the Day

Ok so i don't normally do a Deal of the Day, but I am today.
The Deal of the Day is Shure ear buds. E2's. I have the E3's and love them and I really am considering buying these ear buds. they are $100 everywhere but here they are for $50. there is my deal of the day.Click HERE.

Monday, September 03, 2007


So I haven’t really blogged in a while with any substance, so to night I am going throw out what has been on my mind lately. I am sorry if these thoughts may not be clear, I just want to get them out and wont have time to reread this thing a few times. Oh and this might be long.

Well to start here is our conversation to night at dinner. This came from a video we watched this morning at church about how to start an abortion truck ministry. Ok that was a joke, only b-ham folks will get that. We did watch this video and C and I started to talk about taking our boy with us over seas. We started talking about the possibilities about him getting sick and what could happen. I got sick in Romania once and lost 10 lbs in 1 week. L looses 10 lbs and well it wouldn’t be pretty. So we start really talking about what we would do and how bad we would feel if he got sick and we could have helped it. Now please don’t say “well God has a plan and if he calls him home, it’s his time”. See I know that. I get that fact that God is in complete control but it’s hard to imagine loosing my sweet boy. BUT please hear this as well: if my son ever looses his life while he is giving it away, for the sake of the Gospel at age 10 or at 45 I will be OVERLY proud of my son. I want us to travel to other countries so L can know how blessed we are and how most of the world really lives. So, I have no closer to this thought because I kind of start to cry when thinking about all the options.

Next thought:
Tonight we watched Charlotte’s Web, one of the few books I read cover to cover in elementary school. Now before you guys try and castrate me, I want to say that there are lines in that movie that will castrate us all and really hit at the heart of the Gospel. We have been talking about Justice these past couple of weeks at church. One of the 1st lines in the movie something like “you can’t kill him its not fair or just”. So this little girl is fighting for a runt saying he didn’t choose to be a runt and that she would care for it. I am really struggling with this idea. I am struggling to care for those who can’t care for themselves. I really want my heart to change. I want to give more of my life away.

This morning I really enjoyed myself. I went to see the Shane’s last Sunday night and loved the show. Shane E sings some of the best harmonies. The thing that really made my morning so good, that stemmed from the concert, was the song that says “Awaken whats inside of me.
Tune my heart to all You are in me.
Even though you're here, God come.” I think sometimes I think God needs to give me more of him. And scripture says we have all of Jesus. This song was my prayer this morning; I prayed that God would awaken my heart to know all of him that is in me.

Robby “Red” Brown. This cat is one of my best friends in the world. He is one of the most loyal friends I have. If I called him right now and said I had to have him come here, he would be on the next plane from MO. I love this guy. Well, he is the Offensive Coordinator at a small school in MO. He spent time on the Georgia Tech football team, was a GA at Troy State and now is the OC at SBU. I couldn’t have been more proud of him before his boys even played a down. But this Thursday they played there 1st game and his offense put up 519 total yards and scored 40 pts. I am SO proud of my friend.

Couldn’t be more excited about college football being back.

The last thing I will say is that my boy is loving walking the yard with me while holding golf clubs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Embracing accusation

I feel like every believer if they are honest feels less than perfect all the time. I think we feel like we are such failures. we hear that from other people and we tell ourselves that. I love this new song from Shane and Shane.
I will post the song as well so you can hear it.
thank God for other people that struggle like I do. And thank God that the enemy is right I can't do it but what the law could not do God did in Jesus.
Click here to listen.

Embracing accusation

Father of lies, coming to steal kill and destroy
All my hopes of being good enough
I hear him saying, “cursed are the ones who can’t abide”

He’s right, hallelujah, he’s right
The devil is preaching the song of the redeemed
That I am cursed and gone astray
I cannot gain salvation
Embracing accusation

Could the father of lies be telling the truth of
God to me tonight?
That if the penalty of sin is death, then death is mine
I hear him saying, “cursed are the ones who can’t abide”

The devil’s singing over me an age old song
That I am cursed and gone astray
Singing the first verse so conveniently over me
He’s forgotten the refrain.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thoughts for tonight

So tonight I have to make a change. I have to start going to bed early. Not really because I am being told to, I mean I don’t have a bedtime. I just think my body is not keeping up with my desire to stay up late.
So my thoughts for the night are as follows:
1) we have had 2 good weeks at church.
2) The sun is WAY to freaking hot these days.
3) My boy is literally a joy.
4) The new apple is less than impressive to me.
5) I am excited about the NFL draft stuff.
6) I hope Vick goes away for 5 years.
7) Madden 08 was pretty darn good
8) Nu-way wieiers dogs with out and sweet tea rock my world
9) Shane and Shane are going to be a great date this weekend
10) The fear of growing old has not hit me yet.
11) I am digging Elliot Smith right now. Thanks Ashley.
12) Some friends are going to be on a retreat next weekend. Pray for them.
13) Justin and Lisa are looking for a new church, I hope you guys find a church, Robert and Anna I hope the same for you.
14) I am ready for college football.
15) Chicken Biscuit Fridays.

I don’t think anyone knows this but every Friday we have Chicken Biscuits. We call it Chicken Biscuit Fridays. We have a chicken biscuit and our boy has a plan biscuit. Camille goes to get them and Levi and I play. When she comes home we eat biscuits together. Something about these Fridays I just love. I love having that routine and really love our Fridays as a family. The past few Fridays have been busy but the ones where it’s really a day for the 3 of us its great. I love these folks I live with. I am so lucky.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

late one

So the obvious:
1) its been way to long since I have posted.
2) I need to be in bed but I feel a bit sick right now, so I blog.

Life has been very full lately. I have had such a hard time dealing with some friends moving away. Robert got a new job in Marietta, he was my electric guitar player and a darn good one at that. Justin and Lisa are moving to Birmingham, for justins new job. Justin plays everything: acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and the penny whistle. His wife, Lisa, has one of the greatest voices I have ever sung with. She is really great. And now I know that I am going to loose my drummer in December, which is better than I thought because I was thinking it would be the 1st week of September.

Tonight I proved to my self that I am 29. Last week I kinda tweaked my quads. Tonight I played basketball and really hurt my left quad. It really hurts to even walk.
We got to see a hand full of people in Marietta the other night for the Rouxs welcome back party.
Camille really was to kind to me on the birthday. We went to a movie that rocked and went to dinner. Thanks to the Adairs for watching our little ball of energy.
Students start tomorrow.
I had a lot more to say buy I feel good enough to go to bed so I am out.
I love these two.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


So Friday is my bride’s birthday. It is funny for one reason, for 10 days she is 3 years older than I am. I love my bride. Ya know when you are dating people and breaking up with people you never think you will find the person that will love you for you and even more, we are afraid that we wont be able to love someone else for themselves. She really is more than I had ever hoped for and more than I deserve.

So if you read this: happy birthday babe. You really are baskets full more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Song of the week

This week the song of the week is by my friend Mark Miller. He is by far the best acoustic guitar player i know. you can hear some of his SICK picking skills on the song "he hideth my soul". i love this guy, he is kind of like a big brother to me.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

prayer for friends

Well I have some friends that are expecting a baby.
I just wanted to ask the friends of you who pray if you would pray for these families as they prepare to be parents.
They are : Curls, Bryant's, Gunter's-it's a girl.
Some one has just read this blog and is laughing hard. One day I will explain why, which you probably wont find it funny but I will share anyway.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

observation of the day

Todays Harry Paotter fans

are this generations Trekkys

i dont know the people in these pictures nor am i a potter or trek fan.
and obviously i am one of the few.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

long time since i have posted

So I haven’t posted in a while. It have been kind of strangely busy. So here is the 411.
I got to hang out with a few college roommates the other weekend and that was great. John and Sulka were and are great guys. So awesome to see the men God has brought you guys up to be. I was so fortunate to have you guys as roommates.
The 4th was good times at the park in Athens. We hung out with the Adairs. Good times. That weekend we had some Selvidge BBQ. I love that stuff. We had some good time with friends and a horrible fight with the ants.
I have a few things to rant about now:
1) I still hope Barry Bonds doesn’t break Hank Aaron’s record, even though I pretty much know it’s inevitable.
2) I want a bike. I think it will be fun when Levi rides a bike to ride with him. I want an Electra bike. I road one at Johns bike shop and liked it. Kinda throw back but cool still.
3) I really want to do rental thing but I am so cheap I can’t make myself do it. Ok I am not so cheap, I just can’t totally justify it. Well I mean I can I just wont splurge. If anyone wants to spot me $18 a month, HALA at your boy.
4) I am in love with Jason Laiche. Man I wish you played with us every week.(BTM this is my other wife)
5) Going to B-ham for a food feast in a few weeks. Oh and we will be working pretty hard during the day and stuffing our faces at night: )
6) I am kind of over yard work.
7) my boy is so freaking funny.
8) packing Robert and Anna tomorrow, sad they are moving.
9) we found the cable for guitar hero.

I have more but that’s enough now.
pict from the 4th

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Song of the week and a coupkle of picts

I know I have been away from my blog for a while. I have been pretty darn busy and every spare moment my bride and I are trying to get caught up on the Office. We are mid way through Season 2 now. good times.
So here is the Song of the week: Click here.
It is an old song by Waterdeep. I have always loved it. Something about it has always connected with me. not sure why but i have always liked it. FYI its a live recording.

these 2 picts are still from vacation with the Adairs. I love the pict of C&L and me and L.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Song of the Week

Great Song from our friends at Red Mountain Church.
Nice piano by BTM. Click Here for the song.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Breedlove Revolution

Jeff Tweedy from Wilco joins the Breedlove family. Gotta love these guitars. Click here to read about it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So people were curious if se would go on vacation and not talk about work...YES WE CAN.

Levi Waking UP Jonathan.

Jonathan didn't want to be awake yet.

This picture leads you to believe he doesn't HATE the beach/ocean.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rant of the day

I obviously took a break from talking about people that have impacted my life and I will continue that either this week while I am on vacation or next week when I return.
But today I wanted to post about where I live. Oconee county is where I stay.(that’s my inner gangster coming out) I like it here a lot. There is no traffic for the most part. There is a stupid new light that actually can add 5 min to a trip. I will spare you the details of what I like and move right to why I am posting.
Alcohol is one of the biggest issues in our town. People do not want restaurants to be able to sell anything other than wine and beer. That’s fine and all but the reasons are insane. The # 1 thing that I keep hearing is that if Liquor comes into Oconee the next thing will be strip clubs and bars(maybe become the breeding ground for young alcoholics like Athens. Yeah I said it, and parents that are cool with their 16 year old drinking and then sending them to UGA, I have seen your boy vomiting downtown in an alley, after a great night of fun. Responsible drinking is not taught.) Back to the strip clubs. Do you or anyone really think that Oconee is really going to get a strip club? The wont even let you build a house that is not on a one acre lot now. Which leads me to he other thing people think at that is: if liquor comes then so do “those people”. If you are not sure who “those people” are they are poor people. There are only 15 houses for sale under 160k. 5 of those are in Watkinsville. There are zero apartment complexes. Zero trailer parks. There are a couple of duplex. There are new cool town houses that start at 219k. the average new home cost 300+. Poor people can’t live here.

So what I am saying Oconee is trying to make itself a country club of people consumed with debt and a false sense righteousness.

I saw the following sign at a church last night and the sign in the back of a car. Please notice the 4 fish on the back of the car. The car sign says “vote no for alcohol”.

That’s my rant for the day.

Friday, June 15, 2007

New Song of the week

So this song makes you want to just sit on your front porch and drink Amaretto Sours. Which by the way, I make a pretty good one.
Click here for the song of the week.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Song of The Week

This song really speaks to how I have felt all day.
Click Here.
Ya know its just been one of those days. We had more strange sound issues than we have had in probably 2 months. I felt very helpless this morning and i have been sulking most of the day. Communion was nice tonight.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

He Talks...kind of

this isn't a fancy video, i just thought what i recorded with my isight was pretty funny. the music is from red mountains "depth of mercy" cd.
video will be up soon. till then you can see it here.

Friday, June 08, 2007

My Boy

My boy is growing up. He is walking, signing and starting to say a few words. I don’t want to say to much because I would bore you, so I will just say this: I really love my boy and I will do whatever I can to protect him, equip him to be a man(boy is that an intimidating task) and provide for him. I really just wanted to sare this picture with everyone. Thanks BTM for the help with it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Prepare for your life to be changed

this is only the best movie to be made in 1986. YEAH I said it!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here are a couple of things on my mind

Why do people feel the right to ask people questions that really could and probably are issues in someone’s life? Today in Chic-Fil-A I heard a lady at the desk ask a customer “so when are you going to get married?” the lady being asked look early 30’s and it was obvious that she was kind of saddened by the question. She responded “nope, still waiting”. Is marriage the best question to ask there? Don’t most women want to be married?(I know that is a generalization but most women I have known all wanted to be married, eventually at least) Is marriage the goal? I mean if the person says yes do we then want to talk to them? If the person just says no what then? “just stop wanting to talk to them?" Do you tell them if the stop wanting to be married and God will send you your man. You need to want God more than a Husband or a Baby. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Yes I think God needs to be the ultimate in every part of our lives BUT by saying you need to want God more, is saying that God’s blessings/gifts/grace is based on your obedience. Show me that in the Gospel.

The other question that kills me is “when are you going to have kids”. If you get that one you have already passed the 1st test of life(marriage) and are now on to phase 2, kids. I have 3 close friends who have struggled very hard with infertility. The women have had to suffer through good women saying things that hurt their tender hearts. Things like “if you wanted God more than a baby”, “just stop all the meds and you will get pregnant”, and really the list could go on. I love my son. And I in no way deserve to have him in my life. I didn’t pray harder than our friends, nor did I do greater deeds for Christ to earn my bride or my son. I just say all that to say that I think people should think about what they say and really try and see where the person is in life and unless you are close enough where they would tell you that they can’t get pregnant, don’t ask. If someone isn’t married, don’t make it worse by reminding him or her.

I acquired a firewire recording device made by Mackie. I say that to let you know that by the end of t he summer I plan to have some recording up on Myspace and maybe on here.

I am very thankful for the rain. My yard desperately needed it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just had a lot of it?

We are singing and can it be and every time I sing it I get clod chills/goose bumps, whatever you call it. Read these lyrics:
He left His Father’s throne above,
So free, so infinite His grace!
Emptied Himself of all but love,
And bled for Adam’s helpless race.
’Tis mercy all, immense and free,
For O my God, it found out me!

WOW, what a song!

That’s all I got. Sorry for the soap box early in this post. This is my boy staning by his car. I doctored the picture up a bit, obviously.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Curl, I will call him B

B was the 1st guy I met when I showed up to college. He walked by me with his HUGE soccer bag hanging on his shoulder. I had just walked out of Suite 13 where I would spend the next 2 years. I returned to my room and heard a TV in one of the rooms in the suite. I said hello and the freaking soccer player walked out of the door. Lets say this, I was a baseball player, we didn’t like soccer players. This guy was SO nice though and I had no choice to like him. B quickly became one of my closest and most trusted friends. Honestly I think I was his shadow his entire sophomore year.
This friendship really was like none I had ever known It was the 1st time I thought I had a brother. B taught me so much about what it meant to be a Christ follower. He showed a self-righteous boy(that was me) what loving everyone really looked like. He also taught me how to pray. We would pray for hours sometimes and NO that is not normal for me but somehow it was the most honest real prayer time I have ever been a part of.
We went on three vacations together, we went to Disney, Maine to go skiing(we drove with his grandparents, which ROCKED by the way), and we did a road trip west to OK and north IN and back to GA. It all was so much fun.
When he left YHC for Berry I felt so alone. It was a very hard 1st quarter with out him.(I will write about K later who helped me through that)
So I follow B to Berry and we started hanging out with Tiff and Mir (yes I am using abbreviations for everyone and I am not sure why). We were the fantastic four. We would always do stuff fun for each other. One night B and I got ice cream and pizza for the ladies. One night we got a knock at the door and we found a 6x6 SHELL sign in the hallway. We went to IN together and road 4 wheelers…I will stop just trust we had so much fun as a foursome. B ended up marrying Mir and Tiff married our friend John John from YHC.
B is truly a man of integrity. He does his best to follow Christ and live a life that makes much of Jesus. I would easily say B is one of the Godliest guys I know. I will always be indebted to B for showing me what a Godly guy looks like.

Again I am writing these post to encourage you to remember those who impacted your life.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waters (I will call her E):

So I met this girl at good ole YHC my freshmen year of college. She was an older woman and I will say she is still pretty old. (ok that was something I always told her, that she was older than me). Anyway, we pretty much hit off quickly. We were friends because we had so much in common. We would hang out from 10 pm till 2 and 3 in the morning talking about life and trying to figure out how to get through this life.
E was the 1st girl that was really just a friend.
I have a million memories with E.
-One night she won a party at Swingers (a swing dancing club in buckhead) and Adam and I went, OH what a funny night.
-The time that she changed roommates in the middle of the semester. She was in a town house and went to a small dorm room(so she had TONS OF CRAP). E, myself, and John moved all her crap out of there in 30 minutes. It was so stealth she was leaving some psycho roommates.
-We also went to concerts together and laughed way to hard.
-I broke one of her best friends heart and she will never let me forget the outrageous phone bill that he parents had to pay for her. FYI I did handle the break up poorly.
-She had 20 pairs of jeans in her closet her sophomore year of college. She also had clothes with tags on them.
-I went to some bar with her and 3 random guys from Tenn. Or somewhere because she was afraid they were pretty sketchy.
-One night E was on top of Brasstown Bald with her sorority and at 3 am called me freaking out because she had pulled one of her friends car up on a curve and screwed up the oil pan or something.

I have plenty of great memories with E but some things stand out more than others. There is only one thing I will go into detail about.
She loved me. Not romantically she loved me as her deep intimate friend. I could tell her everything and she could do the same. We often probably told the other stuff we didn’t want to hear at times but we were a safe place for each other. E taught me how to be a friend. How to love and be loved with all of my false.

We don’t talk enough and ya know I am not even sure if we a picture of the 2 of us together. But E will always hold a special place in my heart.
She is married to a very nice guy that is a great musician check him out here.

I will be trying to share about folks who have changed my life. Maybe one a week.
Hope this is interesting, not because you care about my friends but because it will remind you of your great friends and memories.

Friday, May 18, 2007

What is to come

Two hours of hard-core tackle football in the mud with great friends, life doesn’t get much better. this picture is one of my greatest memories in youth ministry. Which leads me to where I am going.

I was cutting grass and a song by one of my good friends husband came on the ipod and I decided where I am going to take my blog over the next couple of weeks. I am going to write about friends and how the impact/change our lives. I am not going to put folks full names but the people I plane on writing about are Waters, Brown, Curl, Gunter, and Suite 13. So, I plan on posting about these great influences in my life. I hope you will read and possibly enjoy and remember the people that have changed your life.

Man Hug

I thought this was funny

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

before the sun set tonight

So tonight I was coming home from student stuff b4 the sun set tonight. I had a frustrating phone call on the way home and it was my fault because I had different expectations as to what that conversation should look like. I think that’s the story or my life. Expectations that are not met by people and I honestly don’t fault the people for that in every situation.

Have you ever met people and thought to yourself we are going to be great friends? Or have you called someone thinking you would have a meaningful conversation and they didn’t really want to talk to you? What about when you try to do something with a group and you think its going to be a better quality than the cast of FRIENDS could have ever dreamed of?

I think I always see a situation and think to myself that the best possible scenario will happen and ya know it just isn’t always true. What are we supposed to do with that? I mean I know that the truth is that I can’t find my identity in what people think of me or how good I am at things. But it sucks to not get what you want.

I just thought I would vent my drive home.

It was nice to come home to Rosie that greeted me at the door, and then my bride came down the stairs from putting our sweet boy down. I have a great life; I am working on changing my expectations when it comes to different situations and people.

I have no clue if this will click or make sense to any of you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Walking Man

SO i am up tonight playing some james taylor and this song came to mind and some what reminded me of my boy because he is now a walking man. I love this kid.

Walking Man by James Taylor

Moving in silent desperation,
keeping an eye on the Holy Land.
A hypothetical destination,
say, who is this walking man?

Well, the leaves have come to turning
And the goose has gone to fly
And bridges are for burning,
So don't you let that yearning pass you by,
Walking man, walking man walks.
Any other man stops and talks
But the walking man walks.

Well the frost is on the pumpkin
And the hay is in the barn.
Pappy's come to rambling on,
stumbling around drunk down on the farm.

And the walking man walks. He doesn't know nothing at all.
Any other man stops and talks
But the walking man walks on by, walk on by.

Most everybody's got seed to sow.
It ain't always easy for a weed to grow, no, no.
So he don't hoe the row for no one,
For sure one's always missing
And something is never quite right.
Ah, but who would want to listen to you
Kissing his existence good night?

Walking man walk. Walk on by my door.
Well, any other man stops and talks,
But not the walking man. He's the walking man,
Born to walk, walk on walking man.
Well now, would he have wings to fly? Yeah. Would he be free?
Golden wings against the sky, walking man, walk on by.
So long, walking man, so long

Saturday, May 12, 2007

ramble of the day

So today I decided I would a new rant. My list is of things that go together for me. And yes it starts drink heavy.

1) Pepsi at Taco Bell
2) Coke and most Mexican Restaurants.
3) Water with Chinese food.
4) Amaretto Sour and Jamaica
5) James Taylor and a pontoon boat.
6) Betty’s, NuWay and Chic-Fila and Sweet tea.
7) Blogs and wasting time. I get lost in Blogs.
8) Levi and smiles, cuteness and freaking awesomeness.
9) Camille amd heart, character and laughter.
10) Mindy Smith and sitting on the porch.
11) Apple, nothing has to go with Apple it stands alone.
12) SharpTop and sacred place.
13) Breedlove and perfection.
14) Shane E and SICK harmonies
15) Barry Bonds and steroids.
16) Sports Center and the morning
17) Laiche and any kind of Drum
18) Gro and passion for the world.
19) Rest and vacation
20) Fear and I guess everything in life.
21) Jetsons and childhood.
22) Camp and GREAT memories
23) HS and searching
24) College and crazy times (not in the way most college folks have crazy times drinking just crazy times with my roommates.)

That’s a few things for now.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This face on Levi is kind of the same face I have right now.

So, right now I am sitting here listening to some music. I really don’t do this enough. Part of my job, in my mind, is to know what new music is out there and see what can be added to compliment what we are already doing.

I am listening to my itunes on shuffle, which is nice. “Restore to me” is on from the new Glory revealed CD. I actually didn’t buy the entire cd because honestly I didn’t care to have the songs from the casting crowns guy(doesn’t the casting crowns name sound like a wanna be Counting Crows?) or Brian Litrell. But the song with the Shane;’s & Crowder and every song with Candi is pretty good. When is Candi ever bad.

As I listen my mind is filled with questions. The main one is what are we missing? Our main issue here is $. And I guess everyone would say that but ours really is. My area of responsibility is affected by lack of resources. We have sub par equipment at best and I have no chance to buy new equipment. I have contacted every close friend I have in ministry and asked them for gear that they are not using. Not one has responded with anything. One friend probably has some screens for me(not 100%) and another church may help us out. But nothing as of May 7, 2007. It’s strange.
Ok B4 I go any father this is not a pity party , because I love the church I am at and the people I work with,I am going somewhere with this.

I am seeing that, as much as the new gear would help us, it is not the problem. We need something we can’t program or produce from a service. We need our hearts to change. We need to see the Jesus who says “come buy and eat, with out money and with out cost” and know that the fact that we can come and buy and eat as we are, should lead us to repentant and move us to a new place with Jesus.

So I post this today to ask for prayers. Prayers that God will lead us as our church enters it’s “NEXT” phase in its existence. We will be starting a fast starting May 20th, you can check out what we are doing here.

May Jesus change who we are and how we see the world.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This is my Confession-can you hear Usher singing that?

Well it feels longer than it actually has been. I have been kind of busy. As I think I have mentioned we are taking Levi to Kindermusik. Levi has finally started to open up and we have finally started to be able to talk to folks. It might be a better statement to say that we are really being talked back to. We both were excited to meet some non Christians because everyone we have met at in our neighborhood is at least a nominal Christian. And what would you know so is the couple we talked with this past week. But back to Levi, he was LOVING the class this week. I love the fact that my job allows me to be able to be at home by 5 and go to Kindermusik.
We are also making a lot of big decisions as a church and that is totally consuming my thoughts and prayers.
I have fallin in love with Mindy Smiths music. Her are her myspace and website. Check her out if you haven’t already. Thanks to the Sus for turning me on to her.
Youth group has been going well. God is really beginning to change our hearts to be more like his. Last year we would have 2 or 3 and 4 on a good week. This year we have 10-15. Its been a good year.
Writing well, I haven’t written anything in a few weeks, but I have a few pieces of scripture that are coming alive to me out of Isa. and Psalms.
Our new favorite thing to do is wrestle. Oh the We is me and Levi. We wrestle the pillows. I throw him across the bed into a pile of pillows. The I come off the top rope and give him the elbow. And my finishing move is the beard to the belly. Great times
Gro came in to town last weekend. We love when she comes to town and we miss her when she goes back to B-ham. Gro, we pray for you daily and see you as a blessing.
Our Friends at RMC are walking through a dark night. I ask that you would pray for them, that (as Clint said somewhere) “Jesus would show up”
Camille is all about Gilmore girls right now. I mean addicted. Its on a couple of times a day and she Tivo’s them all and she just can’t get enough.
The yard needs a lot of work. I am about to have to spend a chunk of $$ on round up, pine straw, medicine cabinet and a pressure washer. Do you know I hate yard work? I have never liked it.
I am glad the Sus has turned to the darkside. The Mac world is the best world. And yes I JUST SAID THAT.

I am getting much better at guitar hero. I will be rocking Hard pretty well by the end of June. I just don’t have time to play it enough and get better fast.
Tomorrow is our Cinco De Mayo party it should be fun. The Prusa’s are putting it on at the Bryants. Can’t wait for us all to get RIPPED! Ok the part about getting Ripped is a joke.

Here are some fun picts of my boy and my bride.

working on his grip

here we go

the fam

like the new hair? not really my new hair just windy

My 2 kids...ok so gro isn't really my daughter

my ladies