Monday, December 25, 2006

When the lights went out in Watkinsville

Well, last night I went to the restroom in our half bath down stairs. Man this is already an amazing blog. There is a small window in that bathroom that looks out into our back yard. Its fairly huge…well large, its about 1.5 acres. It was so dark. Often the moon lights up the back yard but not last night. Pitch Black. Then I walked out the front door and notice that it was super dark out there as well. Then I walked inside an my living room was lit by the lights from, the tree. Levi’s gifts were all laid out in front of the tree. One thing stands out to me about this Christmas. Its not about me being with my sweet boy, my incredible bride, the gifts I will be getting and giving, it is about holding on to hope that life will be better one day because Christ is redeeming and renewing everything. The saddest part is that most things wont be redeemed this side of heaven. Find hope today, life will get better.
Merry Christmas to all.

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