Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well here are some things that have shocked me this Christmas(well the past few days):

1)The Wii much cooler than I thought it was. If I had another $150 in gift cards I would want to get one. I know that’s shocking, but I was at Daniel Floyd’s tonight and we had so much fun with it.
2)Our Christmas tree stayed up with out any reinforcement. 1st time since we have been married.
3)Levi likes to eat wrapping paper. Well he puts anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. But he loves wrapping paper.
4)Started reading Well’s books “above all earthly power” I think its gonna be good. I just started it 2 days a go and I am a slow reader, so I am not to far into the book.
5)Tiger Woods 2007 is much harder than the last Tiger Woods I had.
6)My friend Ryan Kennedy is in Ghana, not shocking I just wanted to throw that out for you to pray for him.
7)My friend Gro wants to raise money to buy a Van and computers for an Orphanage in Kenya. That’s shocking because she is a broke college student and that means God is going to have to pull this one out.
8) I love the smell of a real tree. Something cool because every year I feel like it’s a lot to do a real tree and then we get and I like it.
9)Best gift for Christmas…not sure so many good ones
10)I started to like Christmas songs by the end of the Christmas season.
11)Levi said his 1st sentence. On that’s a lie.
12)I love my boots, super comfortable.
13)I wish I owned 10 Breedloves, O wait that’s not shocking at all.
14) I am going to be taking piano lessons.
15)I love spending time with my son. He is one of my favorite people in the world. I just love him, that’s on my shocking list only because I couldn’t have thought I would enjoy him this early in his life.

Yup, that’s it for now.
I may add a pitcure later.

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