Monday, December 11, 2006

Rant of the day:

So what is a Rant?
rant:to speak in a very loud, aggressive, or bombastic way, usually at length and repetitively
Definition is thanks to Encarta® World English Dictionary
So to night I change my Rant of the day to Ramblings of the day.
Ramble: to have, follow, or proceed along a winding or often changing course
1) Stars. Wow do we get to see millions in our back yard. It is amazing.
2) I love the song “God rest ye merry gentlemen”
3) Third Days Christmas CD is better than I would have thought
4) Macaroni Grill might be underrated.
5) I don’t know what I want for Christmas.
6) I am sick of fantasy football…why you ask…because I SUCK at it.
7) I love me some Steve Mcguire, even if I can’t spell his last name.
8) Vestal, where in the deuce are you? I know I need to call you.
9) How about Matt’s awesome comment about Crack houses, and Whore houses. NICE.
Seriously I loved it!
10) I am so ready for an Aviom system.
11) I honestly would love to see MPC tomorrow. I miss my favorite Pizza.
12) Our next 2 services are gonna be great. Songs will be fun to do.
13) Les, I doubt you read this but I miss you bro and can’t wait to play together
14) my/our Christmas tree SUCKS up water.
15) Still spending a ton of time in Jittery Joes
16) Sleep, I am starting a new bed time tonight. No later than12, 5 out of 7
17) Community groups, we have a great one, if you are not in one at your church I
hope you can plug into one and invest into people and be invested into.
18) How many years can falcons continue to have a greatly hyped team and still not
make it to the big game?
19) Youth group did the peppermints in buttermilk game last week. Good times.
20) YHC, great memories, to bad most people there are doing to many drugs
21) i want to go back to Jamaica. And we will go when Levi is older.
22) Amanda is going to meet Oprah. I would ask her why she SUCKS at interviewing
people and why she ask people the same question over and over
23) The fire in the sky is a small glimpse of the light to come when the father
comes for his own.

That’s enough for now.

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jimpharr. said...

uh... that peppermints and buttermilk was terrible... you should try a game called "mickle." it envolves hollowing out a pickle and drinking an entire glass of milk. just letting you know since you seem to be in the disgusting game phase.