Tuesday, December 05, 2006

my new rant

I don’t think I have to many things to rant about today but here we go:
1) why would a waitress give you sass when you try and order everything as soon as she walks up to the table? she is the one that took 10 min. to come to your table, I memorized the menu.
2) man I love the Cracker Barrel, every time you go in one it feels like going home.
3) I spend way to much time at Jittery Joes to never drink coffee
4) Forwards, now who started these? I get about 10 per week from all different people. If you are one of those people, don’t send them to me, I don’t read them. If Levi had an email and sent it to me, I wouldn’t read it. I hate forwards always have, and unless Jesus writes me one I always will hate them.
5) Speaking of Levi, he is a different kid when he is sick. I mean my boy needs Jesus.
6) Athletes I can’t stand: Barry Bonds, NY Yankees, Shaq, TO, Rasheed Wallace, Patrick Ewing, that’s enough for now
7) I am a Grey’s fan, and yes I call it Grey’s. and any of you folks that want to talk bad about Grey’s stop being lame and making fun of someone else’s enjoyment. I am not dissing your favorite football team that that lost to Vandy and Kentucky, or your favorite strange music, that you and your 2 friends listen to or that fact that you think you are cool/trendy/ a rebel because you don’t give in to the “man” and millions of others in the US that do watch Grey’s. I think writing is great and contrary to d.hunt these past episodes have not been all about sex.
8) I am sick of hearing about Brittany and K-Fed and Brittany and Paris.
9) this is my confession: I am struggling to learn these Christmas songs.
10) 2 national championships in 4 seasons, not bad!
11) I wish we had a hand full of $ to add a room on the back of our house.
12) this weather is perfect
13) our sound system is getting better
14) look out next winter for a CD from me and my friends in Watkinsville
15) loved our call to worship 2 weeks ago Isa 55:1-3
16) i wish MPC was here
ok maybe I had more on my mind that I thought.


Jesus said...

aaron, i've been sending you all of those forwards through other people...

Jim said...

that doesn't sound good aaron... you better get back on JESUS's good side!!

Aaron said...

Jesus: thats awesome, can you send me your email address, i have some questions for you. Like, do you use a Mac? i would assume you do. This makes me excited that we will have email access in heaven.
Jim: seriously, how many folks get Jesus leaving comments on their blogs?