Friday, December 22, 2006

all i've gotten and given

So here is a list of my favorite Christmas gifts in no particular order:
1) Money, I mean that is always a winner. Last year it helped me get my new guitar.
2) One Christmas a bunch of families went in to give me and Keith and gift. It was a CHUNK of money. That was incredibly kind.
3) One year I got a glow in the dark really fast electric train. Very cool. It would go so fast, climb the wall, again very cool.
4) The farthest back Christmas I remember is one of my favorite memories of Christmas. I remember walking into the living room and seeing a “return of t he Jedi” desk and a GI JOE blow up tent. I know there were a few little things on the desk, but I loved the tent and desk.
5) Game Cube. Ok so come of you already questioning me and you know what I don’t care. I was dating a girl for 5 months and she surprised me with a game cube. Which had all the games I would want to play. I was shocked. Great gift from my now bride.
1) North Face Fleece, pasta bowls. I went over our limit but I am glad I did because that was the year she got me the game cube.
2) Jeans. Bought a friend some nice jeans. Good surprise and good gift.
3) Gift card. One time I got to give someone a $100 gift card.
4) Once for a white elephant gift I gave bubbles that I had left over from a wedding. FYI they were in a Moe’s cup. All the gifts that day were nice so when the lady go the cup she thought it was a gift card, so when se got the bubbles she was PISSED. I laughed so hard I cried.
5) One year I surprised Camille with a new Baby G-Shock watch.

Moral of this blog….Man its hard to remember all that you give and get for Christmas. Doesn’t that say something? Gifts are not what Christmas is about.

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