Friday, November 10, 2006

whats going on in the world today?

So I haven’t blogged much lately and I really don’t have a reason. I have been a bit busy but not to crazy. So figured I would shoot a little love to the blog world.
So a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks:
Mr. Haggard confessed to sexual immorality with a man and resigned from his church.
The democrats won the house and senate. Republicans wont stop whining about how bad life is about to be and democrats wont stop gloating about great the will be.
Levi is walking….ok that’s a lie.
Macbook pro is one of Times top gadgets of 2006
Rutgers just beat Louisville.
UGA football has had a BAD season. Life is pretty sad around here in Athens. But honestly the college students really don’t care as much as I thought they would.
The weather feels like it’s almost summer.
Levi says Daddy…ok another lie.
I love my new guitar. Every time I play it I feel SO lucky to have it.
I still suck at fantasy football.
I am KILLING it when it comes to college pick’em.
I am excited about seeing my boy Joel and my friend Emma this Sunday.
The best pizza in the world is Marietta Pizza Company.
Mark Miller just came out with a great CD. I will let you know if its makes its way to itunes or someplace to buy it.
Levi is saying Mamma.
I am hoping to start recording a new record sometime early next year.
The way people communicate gets on my nerves.
I am going to start taking pictures, good ones.
Matt’s sermons are now on Podcast.
One of my best friends got married to someone I have never met, after dating for a week, ok that is exaggerated, but mostly true.
i hate hoover football, not really the players just the pecker head coach. Yes I said pecker head and I think I am being nice.
Favorite music right now:
Mark Miller All for love
Red Mountain Church: Help my unbelief
Watermark: Grateful people
Leeland: Sound of Melodies
Johnny Cash: American V
What Jesus demands: John piper- listing to it
Bible: 1 Samuel and John
Favorite food of the day
Gobbler from Locos
Chicken Biscuit-only one place sells the real chicken biscuits
Camilles Lasagna
Brittany left K-fed
Tupac is still alive..ok that’s my theory.
Homestarrunner still kicks tail.
That’s all I got right now. Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Levi is saying Mamma? Wow. Good choice on the Leland, "Melodies" track. Good band and good songwriter. Miss you guys in W'ville. Youare lucky I am not on Pick'em this season. I would beat you just like I did last season.


Aaron said...

doug: we miss you as well. and i wish your were in the pick'em this year because i am playing out of my mind. and i will say it is by no effort of my own, i have been very lucky.

Anonymous said...

No extended family. Very sad.

jim Pharr said...

update on my life: college... and getting my first role as a college actor!! misses you!

Aaron said...

anon: i have extended family...strange comment

Jim:congrats on getting your 1st role! i am so excited for you! miss you to bro!