Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rant of the day:

1) I hate grocery stores during holidays. I literally had a lady cut me off with an eat crap and die look on her face.
2) I love not having traffic everywhere I go.
3) I wish I would’ve seen sooner
4) Christmas songs suck to lead. I love singing them, but man they are not fun to play on the guitar.
5) I cannot stand the Chic-Fila on Atl. Hwy.
6) some people need to hear themselves talk, my question is why?
7) Some people don’t like to sleep, LEVI.
8) my bride is the most patient person I know, and has shown that this past week with
9) Mark Millers CD is getting better every time I listen to it. His website will be up soon. Website
10) Mark also owes me big for giving him Bluster. I mean big, that gal can WALE.
11) I love that Jesus says “come buy and eat with no money at no cost.”
12) I love it. That is REEK at fantasy football. I mean I am awful and I HATE it.
13) I don’t like any of the songs I am writing right now.
14) I want to go to Africa.
15) I think this whole blog thing is strange.
16) I can’t believe its Christmas time,
17) I still love my Breedlove.
Yeah that’s all for now.


jim said...

oh well...

David Wilhite said...

now that's what a blog's all about

Aaron said...

david: nice to see you on here. stay around and hear many more pointless rants.

Jim: still miss you bro