Monday, November 13, 2006

rant of the day-

- $ there is not enough for everybody.
- sleep, I never seem to get enough…I think that’s my fault
- I am sick of hearing about k-fed and Brittany
- for some reason I like watching Hogan knows best
- ok I listened to Sufjan’s Christmas album to night and I really liked it!
- Kasey got in to Samford CONGRATS
- I love the sound of my guitar
- I am 11-1 in my second season and I am in 5th place CRAZY. Texas beat me by 7
- when in the heck is it going to really be winter
- I want guitar hero to come out for 360 soon


Martin said...

i will probably now buy that sufjan xmas cd b/c you liked it

are you seriously good at guitar hero too? you're not allowed to be good at both the video game and the real thing

looking forward to worship at c2pca this week as always

Aaron said...

martin: i SUCK at guitar hero. That is just honest. I don't have a ps2 to play it on, thats whhy i am looking for it to come out on 360. see you sunday at church but probably wont really get to talk to you till community group.