Thursday, November 16, 2006

I think I want to vomit!

So a friend of mine sent me a link to this game and I must say I am so glad someone has figured out how to have the best life now. One problem: SIN and people that sin. I can see some people buying this game thinking they will figure out how to have the best life. But what happens when life doesn’t get better?

The other big thing that ticks me off about that he is doing this in the name of the Gospel. I honestly don’t remember reading Jesus saying “believe in me and you will have the best life now” because honestly I think life is a bit harder now. I DO think we as children of God, will have a better life than we can even imagine.

Maybe I am being close-minded. I think for now I am going to go out and buy the game so it can hook me up with the best life possible, NOW. I mean it cant be a waste of money to at least try it.

Prepare yourself, you just might be jealous of me soon. I am going to to have the best life possible, I mean as soon as I buy this game I will. I expect to solve some long issues in my life, get rich, pay off my house and Camille’s car, become the best dad ever, become a person that takes better care of his lawn, play guitar better than Jimi Hendrix, and finally become a someone who likes to exercise. And you know what I don’t think any of that is to much to ask, I just want the best life possible NOW!


Jim said...

i just can't believe that's a game... and JIMI, J-I-M-I Hendrix. I forgive you.

Frank McKinley said...

I think I'll vomit with you. And no, I don't want to play the game. I tried to read the book but I couldn't finish it. It was just too unrealistic and focused on self-satisfaction.

Robert Prusa said...

Yeah Aaron I think you need to learn how to spell Jimi correctly before playing like him. Course since I already can play like him feel free to get some lessons from me :) And I have some Hendrix DVD's that you could borrow. I also just want to point out that when I came to your page just now to read I just happen to be listening to a Jimi cover of Red House by Gov't Mule. Its like destiny or something. Course Jimi was his nickname for stage, his first name like many Jim's is James.