Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rant of the day:

1) I hate grocery stores during holidays. I literally had a lady cut me off with an eat crap and die look on her face.
2) I love not having traffic everywhere I go.
3) I wish I would’ve seen sooner
4) Christmas songs suck to lead. I love singing them, but man they are not fun to play on the guitar.
5) I cannot stand the Chic-Fila on Atl. Hwy.
6) some people need to hear themselves talk, my question is why?
7) Some people don’t like to sleep, LEVI.
8) my bride is the most patient person I know, and has shown that this past week with
9) Mark Millers CD is getting better every time I listen to it. His website will be up soon. Website
10) Mark also owes me big for giving him Bluster. I mean big, that gal can WALE.
11) I love that Jesus says “come buy and eat with no money at no cost.”
12) I love it. That is REEK at fantasy football. I mean I am awful and I HATE it.
13) I don’t like any of the songs I am writing right now.
14) I want to go to Africa.
15) I think this whole blog thing is strange.
16) I can’t believe its Christmas time,
17) I still love my Breedlove.
Yeah that’s all for now.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This is love:

So some people ask the question, What is Love? I know now.
Levi has been sick these last week and a half. Which has been NO joy for us. We have been giving him some medicine that had made him better until the day before Thanksgiving. It all got worse. Thanksgiving day he was ill, we got 2 hours of sleep, the day after grumpy but better, then today another step in the right direction. We have been bathing him in some vapor shampoo for his sinuses. He hadn’t enjoyed baths these past couple of days so I decided to take one with him. So I am taking a bath with my boy, I clean him off and then pick him up to finish him off and then hand him to his mom, he pees in the water. AWESOME. So I sit the the water finish cleaning him, rinse him and then proceed to wash myself off.
That’s love, sitting in your sons pee to clean him off. Man I would have never thought this would be me.
Ok so I had no intent on making this anything about Jesus, but I am glad he took on my crap, so that I can be clean.


It is so nice to know that God says "come" even when we in no way deserve it, and he will satisfy our needs.
"Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food. Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live; and I will make with you an everlasting covenant, my steadfast, sure love for David.” (Isaiah 55:1-3)

Monday, November 20, 2006


my friend Andy got engaged tonight. I was so excited to get a call soon after he hit is knee. here is why i was so excited. I have REALLY only known andy for the past 4 months. He helps out with students at church and is a part of our community group. we have hung out and i really like him and i look forward to getting to know emily better, and we wish they were able to stay around. it is coll to me how God puts people in our lives for certain times.
Congrats andy, we will be praying for you guys!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I think I want to vomit!

So a friend of mine sent me a link to this game and I must say I am so glad someone has figured out how to have the best life now. One problem: SIN and people that sin. I can see some people buying this game thinking they will figure out how to have the best life. But what happens when life doesn’t get better?

The other big thing that ticks me off about that he is doing this in the name of the Gospel. I honestly don’t remember reading Jesus saying “believe in me and you will have the best life now” because honestly I think life is a bit harder now. I DO think we as children of God, will have a better life than we can even imagine.

Maybe I am being close-minded. I think for now I am going to go out and buy the game so it can hook me up with the best life possible, NOW. I mean it cant be a waste of money to at least try it.

Prepare yourself, you just might be jealous of me soon. I am going to to have the best life possible, I mean as soon as I buy this game I will. I expect to solve some long issues in my life, get rich, pay off my house and Camille’s car, become the best dad ever, become a person that takes better care of his lawn, play guitar better than Jimi Hendrix, and finally become a someone who likes to exercise. And you know what I don’t think any of that is to much to ask, I just want the best life possible NOW!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


quote of the day

“The engagement of the heart in worship is the
coming alive of the feelings and emotions and
affections of the heart. Where feelings for God
are dead, worship is dead.”
(John Piper, Desiring God, 68)

Monday, November 13, 2006

rant of the day-

- $ there is not enough for everybody.
- sleep, I never seem to get enough…I think that’s my fault
- I am sick of hearing about k-fed and Brittany
- for some reason I like watching Hogan knows best
- ok I listened to Sufjan’s Christmas album to night and I really liked it!
- Kasey got in to Samford CONGRATS
- I love the sound of my guitar
- I am 11-1 in my second season and I am in 5th place CRAZY. Texas beat me by 7
- when in the heck is it going to really be winter
- I want guitar hero to come out for 360 soon

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Great morning!

So we have had our most consistent weeks as a worship team since February. I say that because it brings me much joy to see our progress over the recent months. What has made the difference? Well I think that we all are practicing more and are working hard at to put out the best sound possible. God has been great to us by allowing us to lead others in worshiping him. What an honor.

On a side note I had a great visit with the Bailey’s. I miss those guys and wish I had taken more advantage of you guys living right down the road.

Congrats to the Bath’s. God does do all things well. You are in mine and Camille’s prayers, and we look forward to hanging out when you guys get back in town.

I also never sent out a Congrats to my boy Adam. Congrats, I can’t wait to hang out with you guys.

SO I really am excited about what is happening in our church, I look forward to seeing what God is going to do through us in the coming years.

One more thing: I am sick of hearing about the elections. I know some people really think Bush is Satan and other people thought Clinton was, but I don’t care because they are both flawed men trying to do what they is best for our country. Regardless if you agree or not with the leadership of the country, shut-up. I am sick of people griping about democrats in the house and senate. I am also sick of people detesting Bush.

Some other random rants, to continue from the other night:
-I still hate the Yankees
-Where did the UGA bulldogs come from against AU?
-Rosie O’Donnell is pretty much not my favorite person
-Neither is Tom Cruise
-360 is better than advertised
-The Driver’s are one of the most talented married couples I know
-Bluster can flippen sing
-You can’t get much cooler than Bono
-Borat: are you kidding? The commercials don’t even seem funny.
-Maybe Chris Thile Thursday or guitar hero, not sure.
-GT is for real, even tho they looked bad this week.
-90210 is finally on DVD…I wont buy it but I thought it was funny.

That’s enough for now. I will rant more later.

Friday, November 10, 2006

whats going on in the world today?

So I haven’t blogged much lately and I really don’t have a reason. I have been a bit busy but not to crazy. So figured I would shoot a little love to the blog world.
So a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks:
Mr. Haggard confessed to sexual immorality with a man and resigned from his church.
The democrats won the house and senate. Republicans wont stop whining about how bad life is about to be and democrats wont stop gloating about great the will be.
Levi is walking….ok that’s a lie.
Macbook pro is one of Times top gadgets of 2006
Rutgers just beat Louisville.
UGA football has had a BAD season. Life is pretty sad around here in Athens. But honestly the college students really don’t care as much as I thought they would.
The weather feels like it’s almost summer.
Levi says Daddy…ok another lie.
I love my new guitar. Every time I play it I feel SO lucky to have it.
I still suck at fantasy football.
I am KILLING it when it comes to college pick’em.
I am excited about seeing my boy Joel and my friend Emma this Sunday.
The best pizza in the world is Marietta Pizza Company.
Mark Miller just came out with a great CD. I will let you know if its makes its way to itunes or someplace to buy it.
Levi is saying Mamma.
I am hoping to start recording a new record sometime early next year.
The way people communicate gets on my nerves.
I am going to start taking pictures, good ones.
Matt’s sermons are now on Podcast.
One of my best friends got married to someone I have never met, after dating for a week, ok that is exaggerated, but mostly true.
i hate hoover football, not really the players just the pecker head coach. Yes I said pecker head and I think I am being nice.
Favorite music right now:
Mark Miller All for love
Red Mountain Church: Help my unbelief
Watermark: Grateful people
Leeland: Sound of Melodies
Johnny Cash: American V
What Jesus demands: John piper- listing to it
Bible: 1 Samuel and John
Favorite food of the day
Gobbler from Locos
Chicken Biscuit-only one place sells the real chicken biscuits
Camilles Lasagna
Brittany left K-fed
Tupac is still alive..ok that’s my theory.
Homestarrunner still kicks tail.
That’s all I got right now. Have a good one.