Thursday, October 05, 2006

i am a dad and husband and love it

I just want to throw my bride some props. My boy, Levi, has had 2 bad nights this week. We think its just because he is teething. If Levi has a bad night my bride takes care of our boy. She is my hero for giving her life away to me and to Levi.
Last night it was about 2:30 b4 she was able to go back to bed after Levi woke up screaming at 1am. I am thankful she takes care of our boy since I have to work.

Being a dad is weird to me. I love my boy but it is just strange to see that I am Levi’s dad. It is so awesome when he looks at me and laughs….i think it laughs because he likes me not because I look funny.

Well, here is our happy family and yes that does include our sweet puppy Rosie.


Robert Prusa said...

Are you sure its not because you are funny looking? Just checking :)

Aaron said...

no i am not sure, i am just hoping

Anonymous said...

he smiles at you cause he sees jesus in you!