Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Emergent Church

The Emergent Church is slowly making its way to becoming their own religion. Here is a quote from the Emergent website and then some things I think they are missing.
This is directly from the Emergent Village website:
We believe in God, beauty, future, and hope – but you won’t find a traditional statement of faith here. We don’t have a problem with faith, but with statements). Whereas statements of faith and doctrine have a tendency to stifle friendships, we hope to further conversation and action around the things of God.

By having no statement of faith they allow people to pretty much believe anything they want to in the name of friendship or not wanting to disagree. The next few things are all things that Emergent would most likely say are negotiable or not needed to be a Christian.
(these were given by Mark Driscoll at the desiring God conference and I am elaborating on them. Driscoll’s comments will be in bold)
1) Scripture as authority. If scripture does not have ultimate authority you are at the center of the universe not Jesus, who is at the center of scripure.
2) Sovereignty of God. God has dominion/power/rule/control over all things. Believing that Jesus does not have dominion over all things puts something other that Jesus at the center of all things.
3) Virgin birth of Jesus. With out the virgin birth you don’t have Jesus nor do we see Jesus as booth man and God.
4) Contend against Pelagianism- Pelagianism denies original sin and affirms the ability of humans to be righteous by the exercise of free will. Since I am saying we must contend against this type of belief I am saying Reformed beliefs are true. I look forward seeing if this one brings out comments
5) Doctrine of Hell. Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven. God is a God of wrath and there is a place where those who are not his children
6) Substitutionary Atonement. We are sinners and God hates sin. Which means God is totally against us as sinners but as Christians, Christ took our place and was our substitute for all of my sin. Through faith in Christ’ death and resurrection we have atonement of our sin. As Luther says “the great exchange”.
7) Exclusivity of Christ. There is/was/will be only 1 Jesus. And Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No man, woman, or child gets to the father with out Jesus.
8) Gender- God created both male and female and that is very good. Same sex relationships are viewed by God as sin, sin not negotiable.
9) Kingdom has priority over culture-Our 1st priority should be Jesus not being relevant or friendly or making people feel good about themselves.

I don't have t ime to write more right now, but feel free to comment and ask questions. I will do my best to answer. I only hope i made sense with all that I have said here.

Here is a link to the talks from this weekend.Link

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