Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do I miss Marietta?

Do I miss Marietta? Yes and no. I will explain my thinking. I went to Marietta this past weekend to sing in a wedding. It was sad because I had to go alone since my boy has been sick. So I went to Erin Deere’s wedding alone. I had tons of time to think while I was gone. I had a great lunch with one of my favorite people in the world at my favorite place. I ate with Collins Roux at Marietta Pizza Company. We had a great lunch, she is such a great friend to me and Camille. I did see Meals/Mealor/ Laura whatever you call her, I was excited because we haven’t talked in forever. And yes meals I know that is my fault. That afternoon I hung out with a couple of my fella’s Rick and Davis. Those guys are great, they are really growing up. That night I went to the rehearsal for the wedding and then to the dinner. They played a great video at the dinner, and it got me thinking about what I want to be able to say to Levi at his rehearsal dinner. I wont take your time with all I hope to say to him but basically it consist of hoping he grows up to understand what it means to give your life away.
The next day I played 9 with Ryan Kennedy and was able to hear all about his great trip to Ghana. I look forward to seeing what God does in Ryan’s life. After we played we went back to MPC and then I got to hang out with his folks. Car and David are great I love them. Then I went to the wedding and saw Cyndi Mac and a few other folks. Great people….there is no one like Cyndi Mac. Then I drove home to my bride and sick boy.
What I wrote about is what I miss about Marietta, the people and the food.
What I don’t miss: meetings with no purpose or that do not accomplish anything, organs, committees, over booking rooms, traffic, passive aggressive people, traffic, logistics, not being home much, and traffic to name a few. I miss a lot more than I don’t miss. But I love where we are. I love our church, our friends our pastor and the music at our church. I mean I am not into guys but the worship leader is HOT. (FYI I am the worship leader, I just didn’t want someone who doesn’t know me to think I might like boys).
I just had time to think about Marietta so I wrote about some of it, hope it makes sense.


jimpharr. said...

i was home. i miss you. call me sometime. only three words. at a time.

Anonymous said...

I heart MPC and miss marietta too.

Aaron said...

you would have been home and me randomly been in town. hala at your boy

Frank McKinley said...

I lived in Smyrna a long time ago. The church I went to was more traditional than Christ Community (yes, we too had an organ).
I think we have the greatest worship leader there is. Thanks for all you do.

Aaron said...

Frank: thanks so much. Camille and i both are loving being in watkinsville.