Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.

So tonight I went with my buddy Justin Driver (who is a very talented musician) to see JAY CLIFFORD formally of “Jump Little Children”. Jay was incredible. His vocal range puts many to shame and his ability to make difficult chord progressions look easy and VERY smooth was impressive. It was a super cool setting at a brewery/restaurant. I would love our church to meet somewhere like this place. Not for the beer, I don’t like beer (sorry to all you beer lovers). So all in all the show was great.

Now back to the real reason I am writing tonight: Why sorority girls shouldn’t be aloud into shows, if they plan on drinking or opening their mouths.
There as a group of sorority girls with their boy toys right next to us. The guys with their beer and the girls with their wine. And I am not sure if one of the girls learned how to talk from Rosanne Barr but she was the loudest talker I have every been near. These girls talked the entire show, until Jay was singing a song with the word "wish" in it and held the "SH" a bit longer. They didn’t speak after that.

If you are that person who goes to a show just to have something to do, DON’T GO. You will talk to your buddies, talk on your cell phone, drink to much, get in a fight, and most of all piss off the guys that are trying to watch the show.

That was my night. Great job Jay. Here is his myspace: Jay Clifford

I was glad to get to see him since “Jump Little Children” is my sister in laws favorite band. You would have loved the show Maran.
Sorry the picture is such bad quality, I zoomed in with my phone.


Matthew said...

And sorority girls wonder why they get stereo typed? Drama, Drama, Drama.

Oh yea and, allowed ;)

Aaron said...

yeah it is a stereo type but the few ruin it for the whole. you nailed it: drama: )

Robert Prusa said...

That really upsets me and I was not even there. Sorry I missed it, Jay and the guys alway put a good show on. But I may have had to get in a fight, so I guess it was good I was not there.

Matthew said...

Did you happen to see S&S in Athens on Tuesday?

Aaron said...

they are in town tonight on the blue grass tour.