Sunday, September 03, 2006

why do you go?

So church was everything I had hoped. Jesus was on display…I don’t think you could have been there and not noticed.
I would like to pose a question:
Why do you go to church?
I would love an answer from you, who ever you are, that reads my blog.

Rewording the question:
Why do you go to a church gathering/worship service/whatever you call your sunday gathering?


jim "catching up on your blogs" pharr said...

i go to church because i'm trying to find a place where i fit in right now...

matthew said...

I goto an event of the church each Sunday to reconnect with other believers, to be encouraged, and to worship as the body of christ.

Church for me right now is a lot more than just an event on Sundays.

Aaron said...

Church should be more than an event. sorry my question wasn't clear. I am wanting to know why people are a part of a church, and regaurdless if we like the term "church" thats the word we have in our language, for the place you gather to worship(gather key word). you should know i would agree with you "the church" is more than a sunday event, my question was why do you go to church. maybe i should have asked why do you go to "the church". why do you go to beleivers to reconnect, to be encouraged, why to worship as the body?

Matthew said...

It's funny that you blogged this because in my discussions with the people closest to me over the past month, this question has been at the center of most.

And guess what, we're still not there yet.

Ritual comes to mind. At first it was because I wanted to know more, experience more, then it became like a family type of thing. Now that Katie and I are transitioning to a new church, it's more of a wait and see kind of feeling. But it's all based on those words that we should gather together regularly I'd guess.

Matt Adair said...

It's funny but almost every answer that I hear when I'm talking about these kind of questions ends up in a rather self-focused response. Here's what I don't hear very often - persons who make decisions regarding their participation in a particular community of people out of a heart for God's glory and a desire to give their lives away to others in that community and the world around them. Why is it that we must of us in suburbia sound like consumers in our 'church-shopping' rather than those who echo God's wise and good command to 'not seek our own good, but the good of our neighbor' (I Corinthians 10:24)?