Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what we all think we want

I love this song. for some reason i have it stuck in my head.i heard it 1st on Greys but its stuck in my head so i thought i would write about it.here ar the lyrics that caught my ear.

“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

That’s what we all think we want and need, someone to “lie with me” and forget all the crap around us. Trust me I want to do that as much if not more than the next guy but I think there is more to life than surviving.
Yeah life gets really hard and people hurt us and we fail people, people pass away, jobs are lost, babies die, friends move away, I mean the list could go on. Life is just hard. But I still think there is more than just surviving. I think I have grown up believing that if I could just be good enough or do enough of the right things that life would get easier, I was wrong. My thinking has told me to just do what I have to do to survive and heaven will reward enough for all I have done. I don’t believe that anymore. I thought once you have that person that will “lie with me” life gets easier. I have that person. My bride is loyal, encouraging, loving, giving, cooks a mean lasagna and she would “lie with me” and just forget the world, if that would solve the worlds issues. See it is not that we need that person to complete our puzzle of life because we don’t we need a savior to really change us. I need that desperately. I was reading John 3 today and was thinking what a dramatic statement Jesus makes when he says you must be born again. My hope is that thorugh my rebirth my song in the midst of deep pain and sorrow would be
“If I lay here, 
If I just lay here, 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
But soon I will get up, I will need your help, I don’t need to stay here,
so lead me somewhere new. Somewhere that you want me to be”

i hope this blog makes a small amount of sense to anyone out there.


Tricia Newton said...

Well I wasn't going to comment on your blog about sorority girls...but this time I actually really understand what you're talking about. Hopefully one of these football weekends I'll get to stay until Sunday and make it out to Watkinsville to see y'all!

Aaron said...

I know the “sorority girl” was a generalization and a stereotype. Not meant to offend the normal ladies that are a part of them, like you Natalie, Gro, Sara, Camille and the list could go on.
Please do come and stay for church. It would be great to see you.
and yes i am leaving this comment at 6:18 am

Aaron said...

trica: glad to see you checking out the blog