Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What does love look like?

This is something I think we all differ on. I am not really wanting the obvious church answer Jesus, followed by John 3:16. I am asking you what does love look like to you? I just got back from vacation where my bride and I watch 27 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Now before I go any further, I don’t care if you don’t like Grey’s, so please don’t comment about Grey’s being a bad show or that you just don’t like the show. We like the show; we all have our guilty pleasures. SO, on we go….We watched the entire 2nd season and I kept seeing one theme that I think we all identify with. Love looks different to all of us. The characters in the show are exaggerated of course but they are all looking for love in all the wrong places.
Maybe I need to reword my question: where do you hunt for love?
Work? Most men in the world seek out meaning and love in the work of their hands.
Kids? Many parents need the love of their kids to survive.
Clothes, cars, house, guitars, your HDTV, friends: I mean it can be anything but we are all seeking to be loved by something. Sadly enough my guitar can never love me back the way that I think I would love for it to love me. Nor can Levi give me meaning.

I know the only satisfying thing in life is Jesus but why do we do everything we can to find something to get close to satisfying. To me I think this shows how deep our sin is. We search and search for anything to give us a small taste of instant gratification.

My prayer for us is that the light of Christ would get brighter in our hearts so we might see our sin more clearly and as we see that sin we might be changed by the deep love of Christ.

So maybe this blog doesn’t make sense. I am honestly not sure why I even write on this thing because I am one of the worst writers that God created. I am as good at grammar as King Kong would be at ice-skating. So bare with me and my awful grammar.

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