Monday, September 04, 2006


I am not sure when plan to write everything I am thinking concerning my last blog, but I will come back to it.

I wanted to tell folks how much I like living where we do. We live in Watkinsville(that is next to Athens for you who do not know). We are so close to everything and I love Camille staying at home. I am so grateful to our church for making that happen. It is something we value and are SO thankful.

I have been thinking about the myspace/facebook world. I have a myspace…well 2 actually, one has music on it and one was my 1st blog. I was looking at a friends myspace which led me to another friends husbands. It was crazy how disgusting some of the things he had on his myspace. I had to leave his myspace because I felt like I would need to spend hours in a confession booth due to the vulgar content. It was sad because I know this guy goes to church every Sunday and would say he is a stand up Christian. Please do not hear me questioning his salvation; I am not doing that at all!!! I am however saying that I believe that these online communities give people male and female a secret place to exist as someone you are not during the normal day, a secret place to experience things they normally wouldn’t and see things that may not be the best for them. I hurt for people that struggle with this type of sin. Yet another disclaimer: I struggle with sin as well, not this particular one, but I have PLENTY of junk in my life. The reason I hurt for people with this struggle is because I feel like it is such a lonely virus. It infects our lives slowly until we are no longer the same people.
My encouragement for you guys or girls struggling with this is for you to seek out accountability for your online travels.
Maybe this blog seems strange but I was thinking about this last night, so I write.


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